Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And We All Made It Home. 3 Toddlers, 1 Mommy, 8 Sore Feet, 1 Numb Brain

Gas to get to Disneyland: $40

Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiched Packed For Lunch: $6

1 Mickey Mouse Hat to Make a Total of Three in the Family: $9.50

Finding Out That if I Had to Do it All By Myself with Three Kids (2 2-year olds and 1 4-year old) Again I Totally Could:


Oooh, the Disneyland Parking Structure! THE place to grab lunch.


Nicholas gets his Mickey Mouse Hat!


Waiting in line for the rides...look at the early morning energy!


Snack break. Goldfish Crackers (NOT the whole wheat kind, thank you Snobby Poway Moms From My Kids Clubhouse), Candy, Lemonade and French Fries. Am I raising the healthiest kids ever or what?!


Totally wiped. Everyone fell asleep...for about 20 minutes.
(all pics taken via cameraphone)


P.S. I know, I'm crazy.


Monday, March 05, 2007

I Really am a Sucker for Gingham

"So what is this one about?"

"I'm not sure, I have seen parts of 'An American in Paris' but I have never sat through all of it."

"What? I thought you'd seen all of Gene Kelly's movies."

"Well, I have seen a lot of them but I am a fan of the 'Guy Meets a Girl and They Fall in Love and Go to a Clambake' kind of American musical. You know, the kind with all the gingham and dancing."

"I think they still have clambakes."


"I don't think they have the gingham, but I can promise you there will be clams."

Friday, March 02, 2007

Is This the Line For Regaining My Youth?

Here I am, waiting in line at 6AM in 39 degree weather.

10 years ago, this could have been a picture of me waiting in line to see
Audio Adrenaline

or U2.

5 years ago, it might have been me waiting in line for tickets to the lastest Star Wars Movie.

But not today.
Today I stood in line at 6AM in 39 degree weather, with 40 other people... get my kid in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM Spot for pre school.
My how parenthood changes things.