Monday, December 10, 2007

UPDATE! Baby it's....Perfectly Toasty Inside!

Heater is FIXED!
David, after hearing that I blogged about our heater being broken, was insistent on me adding a note that he has been trying to actually FIX the heater for awhile now. I was going to do so tonight but now I don't have to! He is quite talented in the area of fixing things and being generally handy and all he needed was a couple of parts. Well, parts came and now I hear the heater running!

Good News: Kids might sleep in a little more because it won't be 15 degrees in their room in the morning.

Bad News: We have kind of gotten used to the low(er) SDG&E Bill. Oh well.

Silly Thing I Took For Granted When I Wasn't Pregnant #43

#43: Stomach sleeping.

There is a funny family story of my Mom missing sleeping on her stomach when she was pregnant with me and my Dad building her a pillow bed on the couch with a hole left to put her stomach in. He got her all loaded up, she felt good and was ready to take a nap. He left for an extra long 10+ mile run. When Dad reached about mile 2, Mom realized that all of the blood in her body was running down toward her belly that was practically suspended in the air-no pillow supports or anything. The weight of her belly was pulling her down but the rest of the pillows kept her face and legs perfectly straight. And the pillow palace my dad had built was so high up, that to roll off the couch might have meant breaking her neck in the process. (Which, after a long while, she actually considered.)

By the time Dad was home from his run, needless to say he did not return to a well rested and grateful wife. You can imagine the "gratefulness" she expressed to her husband that afternoon.

There are whole chunks of my child delivery experiences with both Nate and Lucy that I don't remember. But I do remember my first night home each time and rolling over to fall asleep on my stomach.

Stomach Sleeping, see you in about 10 weeks.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Baby, it's Cold Inside

They say the shoemaker's children have no shoes and the bakers children have no bread. So it goes in the house of the heating and air conditioning controls guy-no heat.

Our heater is broken. It has been broken for awhile but it was summertime then. Oh yeah, we'll fix it later-no big deal.
Well, it is a big deal when you wake up in the morning and your house is 67 degrees!

Our sweet roomie was bundled up on the couch last week when I said something about the heater being broken. She sat up and said, "Oh, well that explains it! I couldn't figure out what was going on! I mean, you run the air conditioner when its hot but why not the heater?" Poor girl lives in sweats and blankets these days.

I have picked a new favorite shirt of David's to stay warm in. It seems like every few months, I find a new one to live in. Currently it is a long sleeved brown one I got on clearance at Old Navy (I love you Old Navy!) for about $4.99. I got it because it has a picture of a guy with music headphones on and it was kind of rock and roll-ish. It wasn't till I got home that I realized the 2 ladies in the background of the picture had slinky dresses and a considerable amount of cleavage showing. Ha! I like to wear it every once in awhile to see how much attention people really pay to other's shirts.

Tonight, I don't mind the cold. We lit our first ever fire in the fireplace. Well, a fire was once lit in there by someone else who-despite insisting to the contrary-lit a fire and didn't open the flue and now our white brick hearth is a smokey grey. We avoided the fireplace (not thinking that it could have been user error) and decided to just give it a try tonight.

Oh the warmth! Oh the crackling! Oh the joy of seeing both of my kids go right into "mesmerized fire stare." It is wonderful. David went out and bought some firewood. And then we ran out so he bought some more...from the same checker as before. Ever had that happen? Sometimes I think the guys at Vons wonder if I am crazy considering sometimes I visit them 3 times in a day!

Last week I texted David when the temperature in our home hit an all time low of 65 degrees.
"Baby, it's cold inside."
"Put on more clothes," was his reply.
"Wow, now there's something I never thought I'd hear you say."
"It goes against my beliefs but you can take them off later."

Good to know the cold hasn't frozen his sense of humor.

Monday, December 03, 2007

She Who Shall Not Be Named

Since David and I seem to be taking too long to name this baby for the liking of my friends and family, many have chosen their own name for the baby.

My mom named the baby..............Chloe
(with many creative spelling variations including Kloowee)

Sharon named the baby..............Olive

Michelle named the baby well..............Michelle

Kristen named the baby..............Addison (or Addie)

Carol has come up with many variations of blending both the names Carol and Michelle together, one of her favorites is..............Marelle.

Alyssa and Jenelle worked tirelessly coming up with names that blend both their names as well as brother Spencer's and our favorite combination was..............Jencer.
When we told Jenelle that we thought that would make a good name for a dog, she was deeply offended.

And Nicholas has named the baby..............Fred.
He is very serious about that name.
Despite being told that Fred is a boy's name and we are having a girl.
Fred it shall be.

At my (amazing, beautiful, wonderful, blessing filled) baby shower yesterday, I informed all the ladies that we don't want to offend anyone who likes a particular name so the baby shall be named whatever name YOU want her to be. You want to call her "Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day" then you may do exactly that.

Problem solved.