Thursday, May 26, 2011

The One With The Morning That Started With Pee

My day started with waking up to the sweet face of a sleeping 3 year old.
And then I thought, "I don't remember putting her in my bed....what sort of person doesn't remember putting a kid in bed with her?"

Then I felt the bottom of the 3 year old and it was....well......wet.
"What kind of person wets the bed and gets it all over themselves and doesn't wake up?!"

Then I felt my own sleep shirt and bra and it was....well......wet.
"What kind of person gets PEED ON and DOESN'T WAKE UP?!"

Good News: I got to take a shower this morning while David re-dressed the 3 year old.
He didn't do it out of pity for me. More from celebration that he missed the baptism.

During the shower, I was the recipient of a ton of knock-knock jokes, 3 year old edition. They go like this:
"Who's there?"
"Baby Bottle!"
"Baby Bottle Who?"
"Mommy, you are supposed to say "Who's there?!"
"Who's there?"
"Grummny grits."
"Grummny grits who?"

(I think you understand.)

After the shower, I headed downstairs where my big kids were getting ready for school. Or wrestling. Or trying to convince me they were helping each other find their socks. Riiiiiight.

Z-Bars were handed out, Chocolate milk was demanded, demands were rephrased into requests and requests were rephrased into questions with kindness and everyone got their Carnation Instant Breakfast.

While braiding the beautiful mane of my Kindergardener (For Only 10 More Days Then She is a First Grader and Then I Explode), we sang.
We sang "God Bless America" where Nathan explained he was working on making his voice sound "like that. Like Justin Beiber."
"Like that" meant lots of vibrato. (You should click that.) Which Justin Beiber doesn't have. But he doesn't need to know that just yet.

We sang "This Land is Your Land" and Lucy rewrote some of the verses and really wouldn't sing them any other way. "While I was walking, along the freeway, I saw some mountains and maybe some flowers....."

The kids asked me to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" which I can do but not usually at 7am without a warm up. But we sang anyway and Lucy pretended to know all the words which meant she sang the last syllable of every word with me.

We switched back to "God Bless America" with the kids arguing whether or not to "tag" the ending and me needing to remind them that if they can't agree then there will be no singing allowed all while Ella now sings her version of "God Bless America" over the arguing.

Hop in the car, shocked we are on time, pray on the way to school for ourselves, our actions and our friends. As the big kids hop out and say "good bye" to Ella and discuss with each other if Nathan will walk Lucy to class or not, I sigh.

It really is a nice life.