Thursday, July 26, 2007

And This is My Thursday...So Far

I found a hole in both my shirt that I am wearing today AND the new pants I have on. I hope Target will take the pants back-I haven't even had them a week yet.

The errand list today included returning the movie we rented 3 weeks ago to Blockbuster since, even though we have already paid for the whole movie in late fees, it really wasn't good enough to keep.

Mmmmm. I drank 20 oz. of Squirt today at lunch. It was delicious. And the most sugar I have had in a loooong time.

God totally performed a "loaves and fishes" miracle on my gas tank today. I had 1 mile till empty according to the display and at least 2 miles of a big hill to get up Community to make it to the Costco Gas Station.

iPod Playlist for today's errands:

-Every Move I Make...................................................................25 times
-D is For Drums (by They Might Be Giants).................................15 times

The main job we had today was to purchase Cinderella, the Disney version. Because after spending the last week listening to this, how could I NOT??

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Confession

Should I notice you glancing my direction while I am sitting in my car in a store's parking lot, I will always create some sort of pantomimed drama for you to observe and spice up the conversation with your shopping companion. From a tearful phone call to a rant of (silent) yelling to myself to uncontrollable laughter.

You're welcome for making your life so interesting.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Numerous Open Letters Many Containing Heavy Rhetoric

Dear Noggin,

What are you trying to do to my kids with stuff like this? What IS this?
And why after seeing it ONCE are my kids singing to their lunch food?

C'mon Noggin, you can do better than that!

Mom of Two Kids Who Sing Everything They Hear on TV, Even Obnoxious Songs About Food Happy to Be Eaten

Dear Resident Four Year Old,

What's going on with all the death and dying talk? Why have you decided that WHEN our house burns down we are moving to Texas? And why Texas?
And why did you take me so seriously when I told you that if you don't want to die as a Jedi, you just have to train really hard and now you desperately NEED a LightSaber?
You are freaking me out, kid.

Mom Who Wonders if She Showed You Star Wars Too Soon

Dear Two Year Old Curly Haired Darling,

What's with all the screaming?
Seriously. Stop it.

Mommy Who Is Slowly Going Deaf Through Sheer Will Alone

Dear Baby Cooking in My Tummy,

Forgive me.
I drank Diet Dr. Pepper.
And I loved it.
Please don't come out with an extra leg.

Your Mama Who Wonders if You Should Just Stay Put Forever So You Don't Have to Watch Freaky TV Shows About Monsters Who Have Oddly Long Arms and Visible Zippers in the Back of Their Poorly Made Costumes

Monday, July 09, 2007

View to a Cameraphone

...My Last 10 Cameraphone Shots...

Sleepy Faced Goose...she woke up early from her nap and barely made it through dinner. And that is part of my order in the background on my counter.

Mommy and Lucy at Carls Jr. We ate INSIDE! I bribed the kids with fast food so we didn't have to go to our church's Pizza at the Park. I wasn't in the mood to chase 2 kids in the heat all by myself.

We took all 3 kiddos to see Ratatouille...Despite loading the kids up with bags of goodies, we decided that Lucy won't be going to the movies again anytime soon.

My New Padre Cap!

There was face painting at my Stepbrother's church where Nathan went to VBS...his cousin Jayden was Spiderman so Nathan joined in too! Best Part? BRILLIANT Mommy let Nathan SLEEP IN THE FACE PAINT. Around 11:45pm when I checked on him, it was all over his arms and eyes and hair. I cleaned his face with about 30 Baby Wipes as he half cried and half slept. Poor SpiderNate.

Butterfly Lucy...Kristen, that's your Diego cup on the counter. I still have it.

My Afternoon Snack...they each absolutely hit the spot. But I don't recommend consuming them together.

Nate the Great's Sunburn...He needed to send a picture of it to Aunt Kristy "so she will say, 'Ohhh, poor Nathan.'"

New Polka Dot Ballet Flats from Target

Reminding David that, Yes. I AM Still Pregnant.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Difference Between 1974 and 2003 Isn't as Big as You Think

Nathan went to work with David today. It was David’s idea and Nathan has been talking about if for days upon days.
We set out clothes the night before and around 5:45 this morning, Nathan woke me up to show me he was ready.

“See Mommy? I have my shirt on, my pants, my badge and my socks.
But my shoes are downstairs Mommy, don’t worry. My shoes are downstairs.”

Nathan has told me his plans for the future. And while they include the well know plans to marry Alexis, have 2 babies both named Sophia and live upstairs in my room (David and I get to sleep downstairs on the couch), they also include working for Daddy to be “one of his guys.” A plan that Nathan is VERY serious about. So you can imagine how SERIOUS he was when he made sure he collected his work badge, his work folder (a portfolio my mom gave him last year that looks just like Daddy’s) and reminded Daddy that they needed to stop and get coffee (hot chocolate) before they went to the office this morning.

When he came home, Nathan told me all about everyone he met and about a guy who can TAKE HIS THUMB APART!!
I love this age of gullibility. David said he did really well and wasn’t too loud but loved visiting everyone’s cubes and scoring presents form the ladies.

It’s funny, dressing Nathan up to go to work with Daddy doesn’t stray far from his regular wardrobe. For about 2 years now I have been dressing him in polo shirts on a regular basis. It isn’t because I am a Mommy SnootFace but more because Nathan looks SO handsome in polo shirts!

The day I realized this was when I was at Kidsville with Emmy shortly after we discovered the beauty of a big warehouse of toys you can plop your kids in the middle of and hold whole uninterrupted conversations with your friends. Nathan’s interest was not held by the school, the dress up room or the vet’s office but by the ROAD. And the CARS. That you can DRIVE. That day, he spent-I am not exaggerating- 3 solid hours driving his car around and around the road painted on the ground. Poor Alexis couldn’t even use her fluttery eyelashes and beautiful smile to lure Nathan into playing house with her. He had to DRIVE.

I had just picked up some polo shirts for Nathan a few days earlier at a rocking sale at Gymboree and I watched him that day in his blue polo shirt with the blue and green stripe around the middle driving around and around and around. He looked so serious. Like a little commuter. Like a little man.

Like a little….David.

The man of my dreams, who I just so happened to be married to, had unknowingly been reproduced in teeny tiny 2 ½ year old form. I saw what David must have been like when he was that age. I imagined that, if he’d gone to Kidsville back when he was little, David would have claimed his car and driven it for hours only to stop for lunch.

When Nathan was a baby, people told me how much he looked like me, like my mom, like my dad. Not often did David get to hear how much Nathan looked like HIM. And now, as he grows every inch, I see David before my eyes.

So today, when my men came home from work and I made them pose for this picture in front of David’s work truck, my love for Nate the Great Alexander Zabrosky in a polo shirt-just like his Daddy’s-was only confirmed even more.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

1. I wonder how I would react if I was a $10,000 winner on Price is Right...would I be a jumper and screamer? A crier? Would I be stunned? I think I would just want to be sure I made good television.

2. I got new sheets the other day and they aren't as soft as I expected them to be. But they are already washed and slept in so I can't really take them back to Target now, can I??

3. My low of yesterday happened while speeding down the 15 freeway with 3 smoothies in my car and the highway patrol ran a traffic break!! I pictured myself stuck on the 15 South for the next 4 hours FORCED to drink my friends' smoothies to try to stay alive while trapped in my car.

4. The high of yesterday came only 2 minutes later when the officer let us start driving again.

5. I live for the Boston Pops "Pops Goes the Fourth" concert with my darling Keith Lockhart conducting. (He is such a cute and energetic little man!)

6. I miss Diet Dr. Pepper.

7. Why didn't I pay extra for the fridge that does the shopping for me when it is looking empty? I think a trip will be made to today.

8. Confession: If I hear your music blasting out of your car, I will harshly and swiftly judge you by the music you listen to and then probably turn up whatever I am listening to. Don't waste your short time here on earth listening to crappy music!

9. Winner of one of the funniest things I heard yesterday: Michelle's son John who imagined the following: Arnold Schwarzenegger umpiring a baseball game. "Dat's a striiiiiiikuh!" "You are owwwwwwwwt!" "Faih Bawl!" (Fair Ball.) You are laughing now too, aren't you??

10. is totally awesome. What is even more awesome? Their free gift wrapping. So when you order, say, 4 different of your essential face items (including everybody's MUST HAVE: Modern Friction) then you can have them all gift wrapped separately for free and you get a big box that looks like this!

It's like a Birthday party in a box and then you have a bunch of super cute boxes to give your own gifts in!