Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Friend Thomas

Today, David, Nate the Great and I went to Perris, CA. to visit THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE! (Or My Friend Thomas as Nathan calls him.) It was a fun event and despite some rearranging of our day, I dont think it could have been planned any better!

While waiting for the MAIN EVENT, Nathan was on my shoulders yelling, Thooooooooooomas! Thooooooooomas! Like he was calling a dog from 4 blocks away. That kid has quite a set of pipes! We had a cool ride on trains pulled by My Friend Thomas and Nathan had such a look of peace and happiness on his face. Not over excitement or even enthusiasm-just a look like he was where he needed to be and how at home he was. I wished the train would take us forever...

After the ride and after Nathan said Thank you to My Friend Thomas we walked around a train and cable car graveyard. The sights and smells were amazing. The beautiful aged trains-and busses too-were wonderful to look at. Nathan even really enjoyed checking them out. This was after Nathan TOTALLY confused the very aged Museum guide when he ran up to the old man and said, Um, excuse me. Can I come look at your trains here in Tidmouth Sheds?(For you non-Thomas people, Thomas and the other trains sometimes reside there.) The old man had no idea what this young lad with the mop of hair was talking about and when I told he guide to just say yes, He became even more confused. We got it sorted out-I think and life went on just fine with David and I laughing at our son with the wonderful imagination.

After offering a chance to have Thomas-sorry-My Friend Thomas painted on his arm (No.) we rode on a trolley car around the Train park. We considered doing more but it was near closing time and we decided to head home. On our way out, we got to see Thomas coming back into station after pulling his last load of passengers. Nathan waved good bye and told Thomas to have a good nights sleep in Tidmouth Sheds. He then turned to us and said, It was a fun day seeing My Friend Thomas, wasnt it?

We smiled and said Absolutely.

You can see the pictures here:

We are The Happy but Tired Zabs

PS: Fret not, Lucy was not forgotten. She was with my dear friend Kristen while we had our Date with Nate.

Friday, November 04, 2005

OK, Who Are You and What Did You Do With the REAL Bethany???

So I don’t know what was in the air but when I came home after attending some sort of home decorating Tupperware Party, I wanted to DO something! I had an agenda but I wasn’t sure what it was. I lit candles because I needed to relax and looked around my house.

Suddenly, as if lit from heaven, I was able to see through the mess on my kitchen counter. Quickly, items were practically flying off the counter and into their designated places. I made David get his butt off the couch and put the dishes away. Pretty soon, the kitchen was clean.

But it wasn’t good enough.

I had to put the toaster oven away, find places for counter clutter. Wires were organized, baskets acquired and papers sorted and stashed in an accessible but tidy manner. I moved on to the “dining room” and the table was cleaned, mops and Swiffers found a better home. The piano was cleared off and dusted and even reorganized as to better display some of our things.

I don’t know what got into me but my kitchen is practically spotless! The camera is still on the piano (it really is the safest place for it) and the floor isn’t clean because I HATE cleaning the kitchen floor. I even put my damn bananas in a funny shaped bowl!

You all need to find your way to my house soon before I mess it all up.

Now I need to sit down, my asthma is SO bad now!!