Friday, February 27, 2009

Blogger Water Torture

Okay, Okay, I know. I am the stinkiest Blogger of all the Blogs.

You may virtually punish me by making me drink warm milk, play a board game with Lucy who makes up the rules as she goes along and listen to someone with a stuffy nose recite Col. Jessep's closing monologue from "A Few Good Men."

So here is the link you have been waiting for....

Nathan's Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese.
This wasn't so bad. It wasn't torture and it was so much less work than I expected. I am-quite loudly-not a fan of The Rat and his Germy Palace of Pizza and Games but the 6 year old wanted his party here so badly, I couldn't say no. We had a great turn out and a lot of fun. Plus we got some super cute pictures of Nathan and his betrothed, Alexis.

Oh, and David and Damon spending all the extra tokens hunting for deer or something.

Today is Wii Friday and that means We Wii till our brains run out our ears! I am off in search of the Ark of the Covenant with my Indiana Nathan and I promise that posting will be more regular in the future.

And if not, I will make it up to you by letting you take me to the movies and tell me what is about to happen-loudly. It just might kill me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Season Part Two! (Belated)

Well, after Lucy's Day with Grandma, we had a party for her friends at Kidsville. (I think Kidsville is the most wonderful place invented. You have to know that to know me.)

We invited friends from church and friends from school. And since it was a regular school day for everyone else, the place was deserted and Lucy and Friends took over!

We had cupcakes, dress up, playtime, sandwiches and everything that makes a 4 year old birthday party just wonderful.

So, um, Lucy has a special friend at school. If he is in the classroom before she is, she doesn't want to go in. She just wants to "wait here in the hallway." Or if he is getting out of his car when we pull up Lucy will ask if we can "just sit here and watch him." She makes him cards, writes him notes and tells stories about how they make each other laugh by saying-giggle-"diaper." This friend had picked out her present all himself and she was happy to thank him. This pose lasted for about 2 whole minutes. It was kinda weird and kinda cute all at the same time. Our (very protective) Neighbor Jeff said that if she hugs him like that again, her nose will fall off. I told her Jeff knows a lot about a lot of stuff.

In other 4 year old Love Life News, Lucy has since told us of 2 OTHER boys she loves at school. One got her a dress for her birthday and now captured Lu's heart. She regularly tells us she's going to marry him. The other one is her preferred regular playing partner (and quite the stylish young man) and she tells us that she's gonna fall in love with him. This young man and the other huggy young man and Lucy all play together and when the boys decide they just want to play on their own? Well, Lucy has something to say about that.

Lucy's Daddy has a lot to say about ALL of it but it's easier to just close his eyes and pretend she's never growing up and that she's not going to get any cuter or more charismatic than she is at only Age 4.

Happy Birthday Lucy!!
For the whole slideshow: Click here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Season! Part One

Birthday Season started with Lucy Goose...turning FOUR!

My mom wanted to spend a special day with the Birthday Girl and Ella and I tagged along. We planned to get pancakes for breakfast but the wait was too long at our favorite pancake place. Lucy said she really wanted Islands and we headed over there to discovered they'd opened just that minute!

We ran some errands (Lucy loves errands!) and then ended up at Walter Anderson's Nursery where Lucy got to pick out any plant she wanted to take care of and grow.

The process for picking out a flower was careful and deliberate. Lucy takes her shopping very seriously.

Thankfully she didn't pick a delicate orchid. The Kalanchoe was the perfect pick!

We picked out some seeds to plant in pots in the backyard too. (This was the third time we have bought seeds to plant...I promised I wouldn't lose these!)

And afterward, we had to have a Flower Themed Fashion Shoot, of course!

Monday, February 09, 2009

I now have ....

A 6 year old.

A 4 year old.

And a 1 year old!

Birthday Season is over and my kids are older. Taller. I think they might be growing and, frankly, that is totally against the rules! This week will be a pictorial salute to Birthday Season. Enjoy!

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Light Bulb Over My Head Must Be Burnt Out

Okay, I have the coolest idea. And I mean awesome! It's as if you put the idea of pre-grated cheese and quantum physics together they had cute Baby Ideas that said "Mama" and smiled at you and then built a rocket for you to go to the moon. That's how amazing my idea is.

I know it is this amazing because I thought of it in the middle of the night while I was only half awake. And we ALL know the best things come to us at that time of day!

I am going to share this with you because that is the sort of giving blogger I am. Ready?

Bathrooms should be built with 3 light switches:

1 is for the fan that runs when your husband sets up camp.
1 is for the light.
And the 3rd switch?

It is for a light as well, but this light isn't very bright. It is just bright enough for you to use in the middle of the night in case you need to see what you are doing but not bright enough to make you up for your Midnight Potty Walk.

Isn't that BRILLIANT?!

In the morning, I realized that an invention has already been made like that.

Now I'll never get to the moon in a rocket made by Idea Babies.