Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who's in Charge Around Here?

My brain flipped out and decided to obsess over something (of no importance) so much that it did not allow for any sleep and my body is begging me to go back to bed.

My daytimer tells me that I have a playdate in 30 minutes and my checkbook says we can do it if I print out a coupon. (My printer just whispered a secret that I have no ink.)

My stomach is telling me that I want a Denny's sized breakfast but my clock is telling me we have no time.

My kids-unaware of the playdate-are telling me they want to stay home and play Wii and their actions and faces are telling me they want to be locked in their rooms till they emerge respectful and kind.

I don't feel that I am in control of any part of my day today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

very very very.

Some days are amazing. Everything is going your way!
You get your favorite yogurt for breakfast.
Your brother lets you choose the TV show in the morning.
Your sister doesn't pee on any of your belongings.

Lost library book? Found!
Very best dolls? Ready for you to play!

Bubbles! Rainbows! Ponies! Hearts!

And then.....you have days like this

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Monday, June 06, 2011

What You Get if You Chat With Me....

missthany: man, that taco I made was sooo good

KristyBlais: oh yay!

missthany: lots of cheese and lots of fresh avocado with salt

KristyBlais: ooooh wow

missthany: and there was some meat in there too i think

KristyBlais: hahaha

KristyBlais: good, just for flavoring, right?

missthany: yeah. Next time, I will just get a meat flavored seasoning-it would leave more room for cheese and avocado

And, so you can feel like you got your money's worth for today's post....

This is the sort of thing that doesn't surprise you when you live in my house and try to pour your cereal:

The only conundrum is who of my 3 little wonders decided that Hiccup and the other Vikings needed to conquer the Honey Nut Cheerios?