Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tales From Customer Service

My friend BigPhatMomma inspired me to post MY Customer Serevice experience I had this morning.

"Thank you for calling PayPal, how can I help you?"
Didn't realize those words would take any coherent thoughts I ever had and twist them into a swirling mass of goo by the time I was done talking to the kind and "helpful" PalPal guy.

I have what is apparently a recycled e-mail address with Cox. Once, some guy who has a name like mine had it and now he doesn't, I do. Every once in awhile I get a goofy forwards from a friend of his who hasn't updated his e-mail account and then I also get quarterly statements from PayPal. After 2 years, I decided to fix that this morning in person and over the phone. (What was I thinking??) I have tried e-mailing before but I think when you e-mail PayPal, they have filters that remove all your vowels, insert q's in their place and THEN try to answer your question.

20 minutes later, after I have had to spell and re-spell my name, the other man's name, the e-mail address, my shoe size and whether I like chocolate or vanilla ice cream, I am told that it is an ISP problem and good luck and have a nice day.

Getting this guy's e-mails is no big deal to me; I have been deleting them for the last 2 years. It just confounds me that a human being who is supposed to be helpful could have such a hard time understanding a concept. The only thing that could explain it is if he was taking two calls at once, or he is two years old.


  1. You might want to give him a bit of a break, he was probable IM-ing 5 of his friends at the same time, and guys are never good at multitasking.

  2. This sounds so familiar....