Friday, February 02, 2007

You Are Now Entering a No-Spill Zone

Hi, my name is Bethany and I am a Sippy Cup Addict.

You know those moms who say-happily-"Oh we finally broke little Steve of the Sippy Cup. He only uses a regular cup now."

To that I say, "WHAAAAT?"

Sippy Cups are a gift from God. I think they are even talked about in the Bible. After all, in 2 Samuel 14:14a, it is said: "Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die."

That's God telling us to use Sippy Cups or we have to die!

Now that we have added another Sippy Cup user to our family, I was thrilled to have the excuse to BUY MORE! Couple that with Price Club (yeah, that's what I said) selling 4-packs for only $5 and it has only fed my addiction.

So, I am here to declare that my children will continue drinking from Sippy Cups. They will enjoy milk in the morning, water in the evening and the convenience of a life lived without being yelled at by their neurotic anti-spill mother (at least for spilling.) They will thank me when I insist on them taking Sippy Cups in their lunches for first and second grade. After all, their beverages will be so easy to get to with no fussing with the straws stuck to the back of a Capri Sun pouch. I think when the kids go to Sr. High, I will see if my mom can sew some really hip looking cozy's for them and they can be the envy of all their friends. And then, on Nathan's wedding day, his bride (Alexis, right?) will THANK me when they use Sippy Cups to take their first communion as a couple and she doesn't dribble any grape juice on her wedding dress. Am I not the best Mother in Law EVER?

One day at Target, a young couple was registering for their coming baby and they stood in front of the great wall of cups looking confused. I, in my great wisdom but humble demeanor, offered up my assistance. I pointed out the better cups and why they wanted them. I told them that if they wanted to hear the whole presentation with accompanying slide show, they were welcome to wait a moment while I set everything up. The soon-to-be-mommy was so appreciative-really, she was!-but then offered some counter points of her own as to why the cups I was recommending were, in fact, NOT the best Sippy Cups Ever Made. I told her that I hoped her baby was ugly and I left.

So there you have it. My addiction is aired out there for all to see. I loves me the Sippy Cup AND I am a Sippy Cup Snob. It must be Playtex. It must be the insulated kind.

Only in this will you achieve Sippy Cup Perfection.


  1. Fortunately you'll easily be able to recognize their child by the permeating smell of spilt milk and permanent juice stains.

  2. "I told her that I hoped her baby was ugly and I left."


  3. Those are the verysame sippy cups we have, too. They are the BEST. the best.
    P.S. you crack me up.

  4. Yes! All three of my kids still use them at night for water in bed (Don't tell Katya I told you that!) And Nikita often prefers them at home in the day time...(although I'm starting to wonder if I should say no)...but I surely have many happy years left with Natasha and sippy cups. Do you ever have problems with the insulated Playtex cups leaking...when they first came out it seemed that they always leaked for me so I've avoided the insulated. I stick to regular Playtex and I also really like Gerber...anyways...hey...I have your Colorado sweatshirt...from Christmas small group night! :)
    Remind me to give it to you!