Sunday, September 13, 2009

What is This Place? I Hardly Recognize It!

I haven't forgotten you.

I haven't forgotten the blog.

My dad wants me to write about the Padres.

My kids all want me to write every knock knock joke they tell each other.

I am tempted to describe to you-in detail-just how much snot is currently occupying my brain space.
But I don't want to turn you away.

Instead can I direct you to a couple of folks that you might enjoy?
(I should say-I have MANY friends who blog and blog with brilliance. This is merely an ever so small selection of people I love.)

Friend Lori: In the midst of potential devastation (which is sometimes harder than the devastation actually happening) Lori manages to see the humor in life and shares it quite well.

Nat the Fat Rat...and some other such things: Oh she's funny. And she makes me think about the meaning of life and how important it is to really OWN the red lipstick you dare to wear. And she makes the cutest onesies! Look! right here!

Friend Summer at Le Musings of Moi: Know how awesome she is? She blogs every day. Every day, people! And you do NOT want to miss the Fashion Friday posts!!

If you visit, read. If you read, comment. If you comment, tell them I sent you!!

And I will be back soon.
That's not a pie crust promise. Unless it is a pie crust that I end up making. (Those are rock hard solid.)


  1. Yes, yes, I am sad at how little I get to hear from you now. I mean, you DID get me hooked on reading blogs in the first place. But I know that trio of yours keeps you busy, so I'm not a hater. Just a waiter.

  2. i love you i love you i looove youuuu! (sung buddy the elf style)