Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A 10 Minute, One Sided Conversation With.....Well, Me.

I have always been a fan of Michael Kohrs, but now that his shopping bag is hiding my stash of leftover Easter candy, I love him even more. (Hello full bag of Robin's Eggs!)

Which leads me to the remembrance that my thumb hurts (I discovered it while opening the bag of Robin's Eggs) and I am not sure why....

Thumb. Thumb. Thum-B. You know what is fun to teach a kid who is JUST learning to read? Silent "b!"

Which reminds me, Lucy is reading! And it is so much fun!

Except for the silent "b" part. And the "Stop to Read Everything on Her Own" Part.

The Robin's Eggs are making me thirsty...

Oh! For Easter Sunday picnic (and additional EARTHQUAKE! that cannot be typed in anything but all caps followed by an exclamation point (and don't you think exclamation point should be spelled differently? Like "exclaim" and then the "-ation" part? Yeah me too.)) my sister brought sodas in tiny little cans. Like the kind you can get tomato juice or really sour orange juice in when you are on a plane. They were a hit and they are the perfect size for getting cold very fast when placed in a cooler of ice (pre EARTHQUAKE!) and also perfect when you just want a couple of gulps of soda, not a whole can.

But if you want more than a couple of gulps and you don't have Sprite in a regular full size can and you are heading upstairs to do some photo editing and other work (coughFACEBOOKcough) you grab 2 of the adorable midget cans and then feel pressured to drink the first can a little quicker than you normally would because you really don't want the second can to get too warm. Because it is a fact that Sprite must be served as cold as possible to fully achieve it's potential as an excellent drink containing both lemon and lime flavorings.

Like, I had to get scissors to open the bag of candy-that seems weird, right? Like an injury that catastrophic, so life changing as to keep me from my chocolate and hard candy shell covered malted milk balls would be something I would remember.

Ack! Robin's Egg went down the wrong tube! I need something to drink!

Well, there goes both cans of Sprite.

I'm moving on to the Cadbury Creme Eggs, the final 4 of the season for me.
Michael Kohrs, you are sooooo good to me.


  1. You had me at Robin's Eggs...

    Although in a perfect world they would sell naked malted milk balls by the bucket full. But if they absolutely must be clothed, it should be with yogurt. And if yogurt is not an option, the chocolate absolutely must be candy coated!

  2. Are are such kindred spirits!

    WE have a "natural" type food store out here where they have candy and other things in big bins you scoop and buy by the pound. They contain the yummiest "yogurt balls" ever (although in my house, they are called snowballs.) And the chocolate covered ones are a-maz-ing. (And we call them mudballs.) The chocolate is so think and heavy, you only really need to eat about 3 "mudballs" to be happy.

    but that still doesn't stop me from scooping about 3lbs of mudballs into the bag! :)

  3. I miss your writing... I was a blog virgin when you caught my attention and now I am addicted. Thanks for that. So... write more, K?

  4. Thank you Heather...I miss it too. your words really really help. :)