Monday, June 14, 2010


So, this happened....

That's my baby sister. She's a married lady now.

See those totally adorable tissue paper balls hanging in the background? Those tissue paper balls and other things like them are the reason for my prolonged absence.

Be glad you aren't the tubs of unplanted withered flowers in my backyard.....or the dishes that just want to be clean and home in their cupboard rather than in the cold, uncomfortable sink because then you would be not only neglected but losing leaves and possibly covered in dried spaghetti sauce.

You know what you SHOULD be? My daytimer. It gets a LOT of my attention. You get to go everywhere with me, I look at you all the time and rely on your exclusively to keep my life together. And I write on you-in all kinds of pretty colors!

Now don't be sad you aren't my daytimer, I can write on you guys with all kinds of pretty colors too. Interested?

It's Monday Morning. I have a hangover from a weekend that contained no alcohol whatsoever but it did contain a whole lot of happy. And because I am happy, I am leaving you with Uncle Kracker's "Smile." I got to sing with with some very dear friends after my sister and her mister were pronounced husband and wife.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. makes my heart happy on so many levels

  2. I got to see you so much these past few weeks!! It's really great. And I love that song so much more now! :)
    Now go, rest your weary self!!

  3. So much yea all in one picture! Also I really like the flowers!