Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Fully-ish Functional

Since all of the hullabaloo and chatter from me about my hearing loss, surgery and inability to use my hearing device, Bone Anchored Hearing Aid or BAHA, I feel like a little update is in order.

After some minor surgery at the end of May and a visit to audiology, we confirmed that I am still "half deaf" and that my BAHA was not working properly. It would be a hefty amount to fix but after having a hole drilled in my skull 4 years ago, it seemed silly to not give it a try. 

Charlotte and I drove out to the doctor's office today and picked up the freshly repaired BAHA and I have been back to Bionic since this afternoon. 

The results always amaze me every time I hook it up. I drove home with my finger in the good ear and told Charlotte to talk to me. I could hear her! Of course, later  I also was reminded of my frustration with the device when I suddenly started experiencing the clicking and ringing of feedback that sometimes occurs. 

I will wear the device for a few weeks and then follow up with audiology who can make some tweaks with the programming of the device. I will have to live within the confines of this technology. Nothing will ever replace God's creation as perfect as He created it. I will have to remind myself that the ability to hear on my left side is a special gift despite its limitations. 

And with a cheering section this cute, it's hard to stay down for long!