Friday, June 10, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy (a Living List) Part Two

Things that Make Me Happy
Diet Coke (with Lime specifically but I will always love the original too)
"Friends," the TV Show
The excuse for a solo road trip
My Manhattan Transfer CD turned up LOUD
Cherry Sours from Disneyland

* Finishing a good book
* a nice cool breeze when I am walking Miramar Lake with my friend Tara
* Price Club
* People who don't give me grief for still calling Costco Price Club
* the DVR Feature on my cable box
* Floating on my back in a pool (my Gma taught me and I can float on my back and read a book, you are totally impressed, aren't you?)
* Singing really loud in my car
*Time spent with some of my oldest of friends
* a glass of milk that is so cold that it makes your teeth hurt
* getting to tell anyone about how my husband and I met
* napping on the couch with my sweet hubby
*my washing machine-it is one of the front loaders with the clear door and I still sit and watch it go through a couple of cycles every once in awhile

I would love to know some of your favorite things...what are they?


  1. How could I forget! Especially since my Cheez-it obsession has been reignited because of the Arizona trip...