Thursday, June 30, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy (a Living List) Part Three

Things That Make Me Happy
Diet Coke (with Lime specifically but I will always love the original too)
"Friends," the TV Show
The excuse for a solo road tripMy Manhattan Transfer CD turned up LOUD
Cherry Sours from Disneyland
Finishing a good book
a nice cool breeze when I am walking Miramar Lake with my friend Tara
Price Club
People who don't give me grief for still calling Costco Price Club
the DVR Feature on my cable box
Floating on my back in a pool (my Gma taught me and I can float on my back and read a book, you are totally impressed, aren't you?)
Singing really loud in my car
Time spent with some of my oldest of friends
a glass of milk that is so cold that it makes your teeth hurt
getting to tell anyone about how my husband and I met
napping on the couch with my sweet hubby
my washing machine-it is one of the front loaders with the clear door and I still sit and watch it go through a couple of cycles every once in awhile

*Watching my son eat yogurt, I don't know why but it is super cute.
* Pedicures
*Catching a REALLY GOOD picture of one of my kids
*Coloring with my markers in my Suzy's Zoo Coloring Books (haven't done that in awhile, I need the good stress release-Thanks Susie!!)
*The feeling I get before going on stage
* Lucy's Lips (I kiss them all the time!)
* The Crayola color Cornflower

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  1. I think you should add to that "the feeling you get when you are on stage and people applaud". That was the best part of CCT. There's no other feeling like it.....