Thursday, May 04, 2006

Because to Get Anywhere in Life, You Really Gotta "Put Yourself Out There"

David and I have a mini photography hobby that occasionally brings a little extra money into the House of Zab. One day we may make it more of a side business but for now, we do family portraits for our friends, pictures for our church events and provide the world with an endless supply of photos of The Short One and The Shorter One.

We decided to enter a couple of our family favorites in the Del Mar Fair-wait, the name is different now. God forbid people think the fait isn't in San Diego. It is now the San Diego County Fair. Whatever. Anyway...we will see if anything comes of this whole thing. At the very least, you San Diego people might be able to drop by the various tents and see our photographs live and in person. Cause if you read this blog, it isn't like you don't have Zab pictures already clogging up your Inbox.

"Due to Weather Conditions, Superman Cannot Fly Today" by David Zabrosky

My amazing brother-in-law used Nate the Great (AKA The Short One-now that my big dinner theatre production is done, I finally remembered their names) for a photo shoot for school and he needed Nathan dressed up as Superman. It was hilarious to watch Crazy Uncle Jeremy attempt to give direction to a determined 2 year-old who skipped his nap that day. David photographed the whole process.

"Beginnings" by David Zabrosky

This was my finger being held by our sweet Lucy Joy (AKA The Shorter One)

Train of Thought" by Bethany Zabrosky

One of our favorite places to go is the San Diego Railroad Museum and Nathan was given a stool to sit on by one of the old men in the background of the shot. He sat there, perfectly still for the longest time. I wanted to let him sit there as long as he wanted but his sister wasn't really "down with that" so we had to move on. But I love how much the picture says without seeing Nathan's face. And, amazingly enough, it was captured by my camera phone.

Untitled by Bethany Zabrosky

I am frustrated that I couldn't come up with a good title for this one. Especially because this moment captured one of the greatest days in my life as well as my son's. We went to see Thomas the tank Engine in Perris, CA. and this is us riding Thomas. Nathan once again, sat so still and watched "the world" (the backyards of the local Perris, CA. homes) go by. David and I wisely left Lucy Joy with a friend so we were able to drink in the excitement of our son. It was an amazing day.

We will see what happens...


  1. I look, so carefully, at that tiny litle hand
    I remember
    I remember
    I remember the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one...
    and I let the tears fall

  2. Nathan is such a little cutie. Good work on that one. :)