Friday, December 19, 2008

All About Math!

It's a very simple formula.
Take this....

and this...

And you will be declared to be the BEST MOM EVER!

I got small-ish Christmas Trees for the kids' rooms. The girls' tree is pink, of course. And the boys' got classic green with colored lights since they told me they like colored lights better than my beloved all white lights.

If I had only known the end result...we might have done this a whole lot sooner.
Like in July.

Bonus Image titled "Fun with F-Stop"


  1. Check it out! Another fascinating likeness, I totally love to take pictures. I have a big lazy bug that I have to combat often, but I've dusted off both 35mm - one Bill Shumate, the other Bill Shumate (dad and grandpa). I love it. I think it's neat that we both take pictures too. This is weird!

  2. OH! And I love your pictures! Got so excited I just chatted about me, but I love your pictures. :)