Monday, May 18, 2009

Liar, Liar, 4.7

It had been one of those nights where it seems the kids had some sort of springs in their beds. They'd gotten up for glasses of water, claimed they hadn't brushed their teeth, that they were hungry, etc. So when Nathan came out AGAIN, he barely got to state his case...


"Nate. Get back in bed."

"But Mommy, my bed is shaking. It's really really true!"

Daddy walked halfway up the stairs to take over.

"Nathan, it's because you keep jumping in and out of your bed. Stay in bed."

The door creaks. Lucy is now up as well.

"Daddy, my bed is shaking."

Daddy is fed up: "Lucy get in bed. Nathan get in bed."

Mommy is fed up as well: "Both of you get your bottoms back in your beds!"

*ching a ling a ling* I get a text message from my mom. Oh!

I go running upstairs to David who is thisclose to handing out some spankings.

"Uhhh, David. Apparently there was an earthquake. They probably DID feel their beds shaking."

Lucy says, with a smile: "I thought there was a crocodile under my bed but it was just an earthquake!"
And she hopped back into bed with a smile.

This stay of execution has been brought to you by The Grandma Sisi Foundation: Using text messaging technology to save the heinies of cute and snuggly grandchildren everywhere.


  1. You are NOT ALLOWED to have an earthquake until I SAY you get an earthquake. heehee

  2. thats funny. and you guys are so used to them, you just slept right through it. I love that. "just an earth quake? Whew... and here I thought it was a crocodile." And what a brave little soul, to get up while said crocodile could bite her!

  3. Love it! it's weird though, Ryan felt it and I didn't (maybe because he was sitting down and I was walking around?) I did hear the house or furniture creak a little, but nothing swayed as we stood in the doorway to the living room. I think it was quite small, since none of the kids came out (although I'm surprised Mae didn't use it as an excuse to get out of bed....she's the worst when it comes to that) :)

  4. TOO FUNNY!! I never felt the earthquake. All the kiddos were asleep, and the three adults who were down stairs taking part in a few spirits, never felt a thing. :)

  5. I can just picture Grandma Sisi, running to her phone, Superman t-shirt on, to text, and save the heinies of her beloveds!!!!

  6. What are grandmas for? That's hilarious! Love your blog. :)