Monday, February 22, 2010

Everyone Loves the Mango!


You have helped me with so many things.

When I needed quotes for a baby shower invitation, you were there.
The time I was searching for poems about sleeping children, you were there.
And once, when I was looking for witty saying about children and teachers, you didn't disappoint.

I guess I only use you for quotes and literary things........

But not today!

Today, I needed to cut a mango. And I didn't know what kind of seed or pit the mango might hide inside her. I thought it was a collection of tiny seeds.....but apparently I don't know my tropical fruit seeds very well., you were there! You showed me how to lay the mango on it's side. You showed me how to be all fancy with the knife and cut the mango into little cubes. You made sure I didn't slice right through the pit of the mango so that my sweet girls, who saw the mango at the grocery store and begged to get it so they could "try something new," did not have a disappointing mango experience.

But, you didn't mention how slippery the mango would be.

Dear Cutco Knives,

I had no idea that your serrated trimmer would hurt so much while going into my fingertip.

Love and kisses ever so much,


  1. Awwww, OUCH! Yet somehow you still managed to find a bit of hilarity in the midst of tragedy:) Mmmmm. . .mangoes are my all time favorite fruit, so much so that I composed a haiku about them. Hope you & your girls enjoyed this one!

  2. I don't trust mangos-it rhymes with tango and you know about the tango!!

  3. MMM I love myself a good mango! I hate when the go to waste though.

  4. Mmmm...mangoes...delish! Knives...ouch!