Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"Ella, do you have stinkies?"


"Do you?"


(Peeking in the diaper,) "Yes you do, I see them right there."

"No!" (shakes head and walks away)

Did I just lose an argument with my 2 year old?


  1. Yes. Yes you did. And this is the day it was decided that Ella would grow up to be an attorney.

  2. cute! I also loved your post about the mango and the knives. Don't give up on Mangos. They are totally worth the effort. I did almost lose a finger with cutco knives cutting a tomato when I was a teenager. not pretty!

  3. Haha!!! This morning I went to dress Sarah and found her naked in her room with her wet panties on the floor. And the door closed (which means if I hadn't come to find her she would soon have been crying frantically at the door to be set free!).

    When I came in she put her hand up and said "I get my panties" and proceeded to try to get her dresser open.

    "Did you pee in your panties?" I asked. She looked at the window. "Sarah?" I asked sternly. She glanced at the soaked panties and then looked back at the window. "Where are your panties?" I asked again. She half glanced in the direction and pointed in their general direction. "Sarah, did you go pee pee in your panties?" She turned to resume her attempts at opening her dresser. This time I got down on her level "Sarah, did you pee pee in your panties?"

    "No..." she mumbled, looking again at the window.