Monday, March 21, 2011

In the Following Document, the Word "Cheese" is Used 9 Times

I just made the most kick tail grilled cheese sandwich.
Sourdough bread, lots of cheddar and cut diagonally, of course, because that is the only way to eat a grilled cheese.

Unless you are one of my kids. Then I slice your sandwich the way you demand and mutter how you are "a butcher of cheese-tastic proportions" under my breath.

While I was making that perfect grilled cheese-wait, it wasn't perfect because there was only 1 kind of cheese. It was just a really awesome sandwich. Okay, back to the story..... while I was making that totally awesome grilled cheese sandwich, I got the dishwasher unloaded. And while the sandwich "rested" (you should treat your cheese as you treat a fine cut of beef. You just should.) I was able to LOAD the dishwasher which made me love that cheese that had been grilled even more and then led me to this realization...

A weekend that ends with all the bowls and spoons in the dishwasher is a good weekend.

All good things come in bowls! Ice cream! Soup! Cereal! Soup with cheese on it! Cereal in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!
Sometimes I put my dinner in a bowl just to make it taste yummier and it works! Trust me on this one, for reals.

Speaking of food, I ran across this foodies blog and THIS exchange she had with her Mister over making school lunches. It also led to my new favorite quote:

"Life has crust!"

I have started using it as my declaration when the kids say that something isn't fair. Of course, I used it before really explaining it to them so there was some degree of confusion but I eventually caught them up.

In life, dear Zablets, I will do my best to cut crust off of your sandwiches (although I must say, I don't mind crust when the sandwich has been cut DIAGONALLY!) and make life fair for you. But, sometimes I might forget, or someone else might make your sandwich, or I won't have the time, or I just pain forget. Know why? Because life just isn't fair. IT HAS CRUST!

Among other totally awesome things the internet has given me recently, I am happy to share this offering from the gang of MercyMe and their "Cover Tune Grab Bag!" This installment includes the talents of MercyMe, Jars Of Clay, Matt Maher, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Afters & Lecrae.

But wait, now that you are all smiley you have to see this!

And, um this too.....

And I will stop. Because you will find more. And then you will realize you have been watching them with your kids for over and hour. And you were supposed to start cooking your authentic Irish Beef Stew at least 45 minutes ago. But never fear! You just show the videos to your hubby who then also gets hooked and doesn't notice that the stew isn't ready till after 7pm. And when you hand him stew, IN A BOWL, he's doubly happy.


  1. Ok. I'm supposed to be washing pump parts and starting dinner (chicken and rice soup, which shall be served in bowls!) but first I have to tell you:

    1) I am now craving a grilled turkey and swiss cheese sandwhich. With alfalfa sprouts. And cranberries. *drool*

    2) The best part of that second video is the Carlton dance in the background.

    3) I forgot already what number 3 was.

  2. Have you ever put a little bit of pepper jack with your American cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich??? YUMMY-NESS!!! And yes, a diagonally cut sandwich is the ONLY way to eat a sandwich with true enjoyment.