Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh Hello......Morning.

While I am not necessarily NOT a morning person, I am a Stays-Up-Way-Too-Late person so the mornings generally come faster than I would like. Over time I have discovered that I respond to Morning in 2 different ways.....

"Well, it's here and I am ready. Yes, I stayed up till 3am cleaning off the DVR but at least I was cleaning. So bring it on, Morning. You've got NOTHING on me!
Strength and Honor!"

I can't BELIEVE that was all the sleeping time I got! It isn't FAIR! Why does Morning have to happen to ME?! It must HATE me for deciding to watch all 8 seasons of the Dick Van Dyke Show back to back to back last night. What does it have against a hilarious sit-com starring a lovable, lanky, talented song and dance comedy writer?!? Ohhhhhhhh Rob!!

I won't out and out say what kind of morning today was. But I will tell you that after my shower, I discovered that I dried all of my body except for my left leg.
And I didn't realize that till I was putting on my jeans.
And I almost cried about it.


  1. hahahahahahahaha... didn't see the last part coming!

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only woman in the world that responds EXACTLY the same way:) Strength in numbers:)

  3. Have you heard my theory about time moving faster at night? Seriously, does a workday move that fast? Plus, who among us has an hour of sleep to give for this whole Daylight Savings crap?

  4. You are kinda the most awesome person I know.

  5. :( Mornings are a true wickedness for night owls...

  6. My late nights are so worth it but paying for it in the morning is tough!

  7. I am a stay up late nighter as well and loathe mornings!