Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School! First Day of School!

This is the face of the little girl who was very sure she wasn't going to make any friends....

....despite the fact that there were little girls risking getting in trouble to call out her name, step out of line and give her a hug.

This is the face of the boy who will break down his nervous and excited amounts by percent.....

....despite the fact that he walked right up the stairs to his classroom without even a look back at Mommy.

This is what a Third Grader and a First Grader look like.....

....despite the fact that I have VERY CLEARLY instructed them that they are NOT allowed to grow up.

And THIS is the face of the three year old who will be starting pre-school soon and who MIGHT have been forgotten and accidentally locked in the car until another MOM at the school turned before everyone crossed the street and asked, "Where's Ella?"

Thankfully, that face is very forgiving. "Why did you leave me in the car?" she asked while in her seat, playing with her toys.

Mommy, Daddy, Ella the (This-Was-The-First-Time-Ever-I-Swear) Forgotten joined Uncle Andy and Auntie Shell in our First Day of School Tradition: Pancakes and Bacon. Now, we are all ready for a nap.

Will someone remind me to wake up before 2:20??


  1. I'm STILL laughing about that....

    =) Just another thing to make me love you if that was possible.

  2. Ella the Forgotten....hahaha. Oh, I mean, how dreadful! ;)

    Lucy looks especially more grown up. Which is also, in it's own way, dreadful. And Nathan looks dashing with his 'character' hair. Is that really the same boy who in preschool stuck his tongue out in the class picture?? His 'character' has changed. ;) Seriously, who told these kids they could get all big and do things like go to 1st and 3rd grade. It's an outrage I say! An outrage!

  3. Fabulous shots! Nate has the greatest hair & Lucy looks like the princess from Tangled. . .and that part about Ella had me laughing so hard. My dad once left my sister and I in the car on our steep driveway and forgot to put on the parking break and we went rolling backwards down into the street. Thankfully no cars were coming, but it was a bit traumatizing. We screamed out heads off all the way down. So, since Ella was in a parked car with toys, I'm sure she wasn't too upset. :)