Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brain Dump

It's the official end of the week (although I have a calender that puts Sunday as the last day of the week and, frankly, that is how my brain works best) and I am left with the odds and ends of my brain that I am deciding to share with you. Get Excited, here it comes!

1. I found my label maker. Did you know it was lost? I didn't! Until I went to look for it....and found it was LOST! Nate found it, actually. And then went ahead and labeled what I was hoping to label. Now I don't have anything to label. Quick! Give me something to label!

2. Cleaning out my "Drafts" e-mail box and found a Nate-ism. Said in all seriousness: "When I am a teenager, I am going to pay attention to commercials so I can know what the best supplies are that I might need for my life. Like OxyClean. I know I'm going to need that."

3. I ordered a comedy with Kristin Wiig and Netflix sent a war movie with Matt Damon. I suspect he won't be doing any of his jokes from "Ocean's Eleven" tonight.

4. Speaking of Matt Damon, "The Adjustment Bureau" anyone?! Amazing!

4a. (No extra charge!) Does he ever wish his acting name was "Matthew Damon" instead of the more casual "Matt?"

5. I'm rolling with the movie star talk and telling you all that Brad Pitt was in my dream last night. We ran a business (along with my husband) where we pretended to fix people's homes or something like that. He was nice, despite being dishonest.

6. Phooey. I totally had a question for you guys and it went right out of my head while I was trying to phrase the Brad Pitt thing correctly. My brain is so fuzzy. I guess that leads me to my 7th point...

7. I haven't "officially" told you blog readers that we are expecting another sweet baby Zab. Most of you are Facebook Friends so you already know but I really do like saying it, especially to you readers who have followed through one of the hardest moments of our lives and stuck with us. There will be more on all the feelings and thoughts another time but for now, know that we are almost 17 weeks and due at the end of February. The 28th.

8. If I can manage to have the baby on the 29th, do you think that kid will like being a Leap Year Kid?

9. Caught Lucy, as she finished making her turkey and mustard sandwich, wiping the knife off to put back in the clean utensil drawer. It made me think how I wish I had 2 kitchens: 1 they get to use and 1 they aren't allowed to enter.

10. We have been working on teaching and fostering kindness lately. While getting ready to pick the big kids up from school, Ella packed her pre-school bucket (and favorite accessory) full of toys to take with her. I told her that she could bring the bucket in the car but perhaps she should only bring a few toys with her into the school because her bucket was getting heavy.

"I don't mind," she tells me.

"Okay then. But you will be carrying your bucket the whole time. If it gets too heavy, I am not going to carry it for you."

She looks at me square in the eyes and says very simply, "Mommy. That isn't being kind."


  1. I have nothing to say until #4, so I'll just start there

    4 - Ah, yeah! Hecka good movie!!!! A little odd if you try to line it up with real spiritual things. but maybe one should not do that and just enjoy the movie. ;)

    4a - can't say that I've thought of Matt ever being called a 'Matthew'. Hmmmmm..... but now that I think about it, he's definitely a 'Matt' and not a 'Matthew'.

    6 - well now I'm totally curious and want to know what you wanted to ask!!! now it's going to bug me until you remember. how 'bout now? remember yet?

    7/8 - Yay!!!! I soooo want Baby Zab to be born on the 29th. I know that would mean that you'll go over your due date, but maybe you can go into labor on the 28th then deliver on the 29th? Would that be ok? 'cause having a leap year baby would be so cool!

    9 - can i have just have a whole separate house? I'd love to be able to clean my house and have it stay that way. I think I could be happy forever that way. ;)

    10 - that is so funny! good thing is that she's hearing you, hallelujah!!!!!

  2. Label the location of the label maker so you won't lose it again!

  3. lol. Thanks for the smiles, especially with #2, 9, and 10!