Thursday, April 12, 2012

Warning: Contains Potentially Offensive Language

(Seriously, it does.)

We are sitting at dinner, leftovers as usual. (Leftovers from what? Anyone ever watch that comedy/horror movie called "Parents" about the family that always had leftovers but never "firsts" and it turned out the dad was bringing his work home with him? And he worked at the morgue?)


Suddenly Nathan calls out "can-a-b!tch!"

"What?!" David says.

Nathan points to the TV.

"CINN-A-B!TCH!" Lucy exclaims.

The TV is on the Music Choice Light Classical station. At the moment, "Symphony No. 22 in C Major" is being played by the London Mozart Players. Only they weren't playing Mozart. They were playing.... CANNABICH.

David called me into the dining room (do you love that I call it a dining room when it really is just a big table sitting at one end of our living room or "Room Where Clean Laundry Piles Go to Die?") and he asks me, "How do you pronounce that name?" In the background Nathan and Lucy are saying it over and over as many times as they can "can-a-b!tch-cinn-a-b!tch-can-a-b!tch-cinn-a-b!tch."

"Um, I am pretty sure the end of the name doesn't have the 'ch' sound so it's 'can-a-bick'" I fudge and cast a knowing glance at David.

"Oooohhhhh!!" The kids say.

And dinner continues.
And David and I wipe the laughs off our faces.
And I sit down and type the story out for all of you.

The Moral of the story is.....Classical Music isn't as safe as you thought it was. Might as well turn on the Heavy Rap channel.


How are you SUPPOSED to pronounce "Cannabich?"

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  1. I think it is like "caNAbeesh". I only assume we are talking about Christian Cannabich and not some strange new cannabis/hashish mixture? Please? Don't change my lofty view of the Zabs!!

  2. I don't care how it's pronounced correctly, I think it SHOULD be cinnab!tch!! :) hee hee ~ deanne