Friday, August 10, 2012

The Chronicled Thoughts of 2am

-I have read all of the opinions on Facebook, both pro and con, and I have decided that 2013 is going to be the year of the Intentional Oxford Comma. Meaning, I will intentionally be using the Oxford comma in things like lists, blogs, and letters despite my general dislike of it due to the cluttered appearance it gives my sentences, posts and correspondence. (See what I did there?)

-13 Days till school starts and I feel that I still owe my kiddos a summer. Only one trip to the beach and very few nights ended with sun kissed Zabs collapsed in exhaustion on my couch. We also haven't camped in the backyard yet. I have 13 days to fix this.

-The Olympics are trying to kill me. I can't stay up watching all of the evening broadcast every night and yet when I turn on last night's recorded program, I want more and watch some of the current night's programming. (Does that even make sense?) And yet, I still feel like I am missing out on events! Like the equestrian stuff! And how in the world does someone get hurt in the "foil" events? Are they using real swords? And did you know men play field hockey? Or have you turned on a Handball game? Nathan and I were really disappointed it wasn't schoolyard handball. We were looking for the Olympic version of "Butt's Up" or "Donkey Kong" and some awesome Red Rubber Ball action.

-If you are watching the Olympics, are you a USA only watcher? David and I like it all but Nate and Lu are split with one interested only in his mother country and the other concerned that all countries get equal and fair attention from her. After all, they work so hard to get there!

- There is a skunk outside my bedroom window. Seeing how it is 2am and dark, I will leave it to your deductive reasoning skills to solve how I became aware of the skunk. Get all CSI up in this place.

- Ever met someone and thought about how they might Google you and you think about how you want your life to look all cool if they find you on Facebook so you set your coolest looking pictures and funniest status updates to "Public" so they will, upon viewing your timeline, be filled with an overwhelming desire to be your friend?

-Ever thought you should take your Pop's advice and voice only every other thought that comes into your head so you don't look like you are totally insane?

-How much are one's 2am thoughts worth? About 20 cents. Which is close to the Olympic medal street value. This was also a great disappointment to Nathan today. (Bronze: $4.50!!) He has wagered about $10,000 for a gold. Hopefully this will not dash his 9 year old hope of being an Olympian in archery because "the bows and arrows look totally awesome!" Totally another event we haven't thoroughly covered.


  1. Bahahahahahaha!!!! Butt's up!! The Facebook stuff is hilarious, hysterical, and comical. Please do not ever voice only every other thought. What a loss that would be.

  2. If you visit I will teach Nathan archery, we have the straw bales waiting and I brought my bow home from the cabin....
    as for you, I will always want to be your friend, cool public photos or no...although I see your point and it's only 11:19pm.
    SO what does that say about me? Oh dear.