Saturday, November 02, 2013

One is Silver and the Other Gold

What is your definition of a friend?

Is it someone with whom you have a lot of activities in common? Do you guys run in the same circles? Attend the same events?

Maybe you like the same movies and books. You both love food but hate crab cakes.

Sometimes friends are people that have been around for so long, they know everything. You keep each other's secrets and you're too old to teach all those secrets to someone else.

Ella has recently made a new friend and it has been so lovely to see the relationship grow. They are both new Kindergartners and even though they aren't in the same class, they spent the first 6 weeks of school together after school. There was a lot of giggling, laughing and games I couldn't understand. If they walk somewhere together, they do it hand-in-hand and their standard greeting and farewell involves a long hug and one of them trying to pick up the other.

The friendship has given Ella such a confidence and helped her transition into Kindergarten. And anyone that knows Ella wouldn't be surprised to know that she has a very time leaving me to go to new places. So these first months of school for her have been very difficult!

While I was talking to my sister about it, I found that summing this relationship into one thought was difficult. I couldn't really put my finger right on it. What was so great about this friendship for Ella?

It was the next morning at drop off that I saw it. We got to school and Ella's friend was already there. Their two classes meet in the same classroom in the mornings. Ella's friend waved to her. "Ella!" As Ella unpacked and got ready for the day, another girl walked over and tried to sit down next to Ella's friend.

A small, 5 year old hand moved from the lap where it rested and was laid flat on the floor. "I'm saving this seat for Ella." A smile crept across Ella's face (slowly, from one side to the other.) Ella's friend had a fierce look on her own face and the other girl knew she meant business.

And there it is.
We want to be able to walk into a room of people and know there is a place to sit. And not just sit but sit with people we care about. Someone who will stand up to others to protect that space. Someone who desires our company.

We all want a friend who will save us a seat.

Friends like that don't come along every day, and I am thankful my Ella Girl has found one.