Friday, March 31, 2006

BVDUn9e4r58wfjdeiHvhdo...Sorry, My Brain Just Exploded

Ahhh dear readers (who consist mainly of my family and a handful of friends who somehow find me amusing) I give you my apologies for neglecting this blog. I set it up, tease you about it in every e-mail I send you and then never post anything new or original. Please forgive me.

I want to write pages and pages on about the interesting things that my mind ponders but these days I only have room in my brain for the production of my dinner theatre, and, occasionally, my children's names. (Well not really, I have just been taking to call them "The Short One" and "The Shorter One")

We had our first live audience last night and our show was met with kind reviews. People laughed, my boss (and the church's pastor) really liked it and we even fooled a Homicide Sheriff who was sure someone else had committed the murder. Tonight is opening night and, oddly, our smallest for attendance. I am hoping we get a ton of people showing up at the door to buy tickets.

All of this is to say that I plan to post my thoughts, revelations and commentary that Will Change The World soon. Right now I have to go feed The Short One and The Shorter One has a runny nose.

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