Thursday, March 23, 2006

Step AWAY From the Baby (From the Archives)

This is one that makes me laugh and swell with pride over how much my sister loves my babies..but mostly laugh. We were selling our first house and searching for a new one. (We didn't find a new one for a few months and even got to stay with our good friends Scott and Susie for a few weeks before finding our current Poway home.) From Tuesday, July 8, 2003

So Kristy watched Nate the Great last night for the first time ever and she had an interesting experience …

Jeremy was out getting dinner and Kristy was holding Nathan when a lady comes to the door. She had looked at the house and had but a bid on it but was out bid by someone else. Then, she tells Kristy, she told her agent to counter back to us at $6000 higher and her agent said no. She wanted to come and talk to us in person and see if her agent was screwing her over or something. I guess she has tried to get 2 other places in this complex unsuccessfully. So all she wanted to do was talk to us.

Kristy said that the lady was visibly upset and is pretty sure that she didn't believe that Kristy wasn't the owner. She left a business card and asked Kristy to have us call her back.

Here is the funny part…(well, actually the story itself is the funny part but this part is all Kristy)…Kristy was holding Nathan who-I am sure-was being super cute but she didn't trust this woman and when the lady offered the business card Kristy said, "Put it in the mailbox." Then, shortly after that, Jeremy gets home and comes through the front door to get in the house. Kristy, when telling me the story, couldn't believe that he did that! "He opened the door and she could have darted right in!"

When she said that, I pictured some woman running into the house, mascara running and kissing my kitchen floors or something.

I told Kristy that I really appreciated her cautiousness. I teased her that she should have had the lady leave the card and then told her to "step away from the baby."

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