Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"I Approached the Computer, The Words of My Blog Sitting on My Fingertips"

Last night, I finished my new book I bought on my wedding anniversary shopping spree. This book, "Vanishing Acts" was pretty good, I got through it in about 3 days with my traditional last night, all night reading session because the book has captured me and I can't put it down. I have a severe problem when reading books in that when I cross over the hump of the middle and feel fewer pages in my right hand than I do in my left, a sort of panic sets in.


Next thing I know, it is 5:30am, the hubby's alarm is going off and I am asleep with my face on the book club discussion questions in the back.

Last night was no exception other than I didn't have to pull an all nighter, this panic was a mild one that only required an extra hour of my time. The story was told from the point of view of the major characters and each of them took a chapter. We would hear Delia's story, then something that happened to Andrew and then it would switch over to Fitz. It was an interesting style-although sometimes overly flowery and romantic- and, for some reason, penetrated my BRAIN. After finishing the book, I was falling asleep and found myself narrating my day:

"Overall it was a good day, Nathan got to play on the computer and Lucy and I played a forever memorable game with a blanket she got from Grandma Carol..."

(I didn't nay my narrative was interesting.)

"...and involved hiding with her under the blanket. In reflecting on my day, I stop to ponder as I find myself drifting off as to whether or not Lucy will remember the game tomorrow. I enjoyed playing it with her so much and I hope that we can do it aga-"

What?!?!? Am I seriously narrating my day? OK, shut your brain off Bethany, GO. TO. SLEEP.

Somehow that worked, I went to sleep. But upon awaking this morning, my brain picked up where it left off...

"I heard the early morning cries of my daughter and wondered if she was up for the day or if she was just making a little noise in her sleep. I desperately clung to the sound of her cries being ones of noisy sleep. But I stopped myself from letting her cry too long as I would any other morning because that is when I remembered her 103 degree fever I put her to bed with."

I rolled my eyes at myself.
That is how I started my day, rolling my eyes...at ME!

"I pondered briefly as to how my blog readers would read this post. Had I been too trite in my comments? Should I add more detail or will this be their last visit once they discover how their beloved blogger is completely insane?"


  1. That's really funny. I find myself, when immersed in some captivating work of fiction, thinking in the style of the author.

    Oddly enough, when listening to live classical music, I find myself composing little melodies in my head in that style as well...I really need to have a notebook, as sadly many of these just fly off into thin air.

  2. exactly why I can't read "bodice rippers!"

  3. Have you read My Sisters Keeper, by the same author? That is the first book I read, then I moved on to Vanishing Acts and now I am reading The Pact. Her writing is very captivating, and you can't always predicit what the out come is going to be. Anyways just some thoughts

  4. I loved "My Sister's Keeper" that was the first book of hers that I read and it was so good. I totally agree, her writing is so good-always changing so it keeps you hooked. I may pick up "The Pact" and just copy you! :)

  5. Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.