Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spirit of the Resurrection Filled Eggs

The kids got their first foray into the commercialization of Easter this week with their first Easter Egg Hunt. The idea of which, at least when I was a child, was absolutely blasphemous and you might as well not be wearing an Easter hat to church if you hunted plastic eggs filled with candy. In our house, we decided that the two concepts can, indeed, coexist and thought we'd give it a try.

We got all dressed up, showed up at our friend Gwen's house and the chaos began.

The Shorter One (TSrO) is still one of the littlest of the walkers of our playgroup so I kept an eye on her to be sure that she was trampled by the candy craving hordes of kids darting back and forth on my friend’s lawn. But I also really wanted to see The Short One (TSO) find his first egg. I had a small one in hand, a giant camera around my neck-drop the camera and don’t come home-and I also realized that I forgot to wear a belt. (That is not part of the story, more of a non sequitur that suddenly occurred to me at the beginning of the hunt.) I look around for TSO and suddenly, he shows me a FULL basket of eggs! He’d only been out there for maybe a minute. The bigger mongrels were still hunting and hadn’t started lawn wrestling for the last melted Crunch bar just yet.

RIGHT ON KID! THAT is the TRUE Spirit of Easter! Grab all the eggs before those friends of yours get to them!

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  1. Nate-Grab all the eggs, fill your basket and rehide them - then you are in charge!!