Monday, July 24, 2006


Dear Madam,

I wanted to write you to express my delight upon visiting S&S Edwards House of Showers Sunday night. I was greeted promptly at the door by a lovely young lady and a very sweet four legged beast who I can only assume is the mascot of your establishment. He was kind enough to allow me to scratch him behind the ears.

There was very little chit chat and after being directed where to go, I was able to take a very enjoyable shower in veritable peace. (This is a pleasure I do not often receive!)

Upon entering the beautiful, clean shower-free of standing water and soap scum as I have been experiencing in my own home-I unpacked all my personal products and began to shower. When it came time to wash, I passed over my own product and opted for the delicious and fragrant shower gel placed in there for the use of your guests. When I was done, I smelled like cinnamon buns (and, I daresay, I was a little hungry.)

The whole experience was a delightful one and I was pleased with the excellent service I received. Your House of Showers came highly recommended to me by a dear friend-I believe you know her-and I was not disappointed. Upon my leaving, I was wished a lovely evening and encouraged to return should my own personal shower continue to be out of service. I can promise you, that will happen again.

I found it interesting that even though I had never used your premises for this explicit purpose, I left with the distinct feeling of comfort, peace, and, if I may, friendship. Although a shower is a simple thing, it can clean more than a body, it often also cleans a spirit and renews it.

Most Warmly,
Bethany J. Zabrosky.


  1. House of Showers, peace, and friendship. Sounds lovely!

  2. my shower now seems, sterile, barren and rather routine...A beautiful turn of words expertly crafted by a now clean and well- scented wordsmith...

  3. Ha! I like that. I have to say your last statement regarding showers is very true. Showers are a great place to think. Please come back and use it again if yours does not get fixed. And everyone else in your house.

    :-) S