Saturday, July 22, 2006

No, I'm Not Thirsty. I am a 21-Century Modern Woman and I Am Completely Hydrated

You always hear the negative news stories these days about how Americans are so unhealthy-we are overweight, sun burnt, and addicted to carne asada fries from Cotijas (or is that just me?)

But look around you, what do you see? People walking around carrying drinks everywhere they go. Water in bottles, Starbucks, sodas. We are a society focused on the transportationability (OK, that is a rockin' word I just made up!) of our beverages.

It is because of this phenomenon that I charge the news people to accentuate the positive and talk about how, as a society, we may be fat and addicted to junk food but we are the most HYDRATED society thus far!


  1. HERE HERE!!!

    transportationability rocks!

  2. Do you suppose one of the reasons it is some blank_______ety humid is because of all the water swilling freaks running around?! What happened to stopping in front of someone's house and taking a douse out of the hose? Or being thirsty and waiting until you are at a place with water there -WHATEVER happened to DELAYED GRATIFICATION??? That is why all the credit cards are maxed out-no one can wait for anything anymore....even water. And those "designer waters"...what in the world?!

  3. Whoa, someone needs to calm down...maybe go for a Harley ride or get a tatoo or something.