Thursday, August 24, 2006

The One Where I Offend the Church Down the Street

I was on the phone with my sister yesterday while on the way home from Home Depot-land of the best shopping carts anywhere. I mean, isn't this what most kids dream of when stuck in the cart anyway? Hey Mama, lets start this thing up and take her out on the open road! Thank you Home Depot for providing TWO steering wheels unlike the carts at Vons that not only have only ONE steering wheel. And at Vons some genius thought it would be clever to include a HORN in the car. Because that's what I want to hear while grocery shopping: traffic.

I drove towards my house and passed a local Methodist (I think) church and I saw a sign that I had to tell Kristy about.

"Did you know the church near my house is having a Blessing of the Animals Celebration?"

"Oh my gosh, you should go!"

"I don't have any animals.....I have Lucy! I could dress her up like Baby Jaguar again!"

"Take her down there??"

......Bethany at Blessing of the Animals Celebration......

"Hello, I am here with my JAGUAR for the Blessing of the Animals Celebration."

"Excuse me ma'am, this is a child, not an animal."

"Yes it is! It is a FEIRCE Jaguar...look out, she might bite your arm off!"

"This little thing? The one that keeps asking Mama for a cookie?"

"She wants a cookie all right, a FLESH COOKIE! Watch your hands! She may only have 8 teeth but she's hungry!"

......And, SCENE!......

"On second thought maybe I shouldn't go down there. They might think I am a little crazy."

"Only then affirming what the rest of us have suspected for years."


  1. A "blessing of the animals ceremony?" When did Christianity come down to that? Wait. I may have just offended someone.

  2. I saw this same sign over off Pomerado about six months or so ago- I forget which church it was. I was thinking, wow, some churches will go to any means to get people in there. What happened to preaching the gospel?
    Cute Jaguar, Bethany! On another note, I don't think there is a Heaven for animals. Do you?

  3. You both are right. This church tries so hard at outreaching-lots of varous events including a sor of weekly roundtable discussion comparing other religions to Christianity-but they are missing the mark with some of them.

    I don't think there is a heaven for animals. A large part of me wishes their was so I could know that I would be reunited again with the animals I have loved and lost but animals do not have a soul that seeks Jesus as their Savior.

    So, for now, I tease the local church down the street and breathe a sigh of relief that I didn't send Nathan to pre school there.

  4. Wait a minute - let's just believe there is a heaven for animals because that's a nice thought and I feel better knowing my dogs are waiting for me- OK !!!