Monday, August 21, 2006

Perfection in Cotton Blend Form

I wear them every Monday-all day-because Mondays are pajammy days.

You will probably never see me in them unless you are Kristen who stopped by one day when I was sick or Amy who goes walking with me.

I have had them for at least 5 years when I bought them for a walking and nutrition class I took at Grossmont College.

They were purchased in the clearance section of Old Navy for about $6.

They are a funny melon color and capris which is very weird.

And yet, when I am home for the evening or even when I have guests, I cannot count the moments fast enough when I can change into them.

I love you Old Navy Discount Section Old Shapeless Sweats.
Never Leave Me.


  1. And if you come by my house in the morning as I'm in the midst of my routine, or in the evening after the day's activities have slowed, or anytime on Sunday you will find me in my ragged old Buccaneers sweatshirt that I have worn nearly every day since someone gave it to Nate 7 1/2 years ago. It is usually accompanied by plaid pajama bottoms, my sister's old scrub bottoms, or my comfy discount sweats. These are my comfort. These are my joy.

  2. AHH the comfort of well loved clothing... *sigh* I feel the same way about my way too big cottony pj shorts.. not for public use, but to treasure always ;)

  3. Are these the reddish/orangish ones I;ve seen you in on more than one occasion? Of course you feel comfortable wearing them in front of me ....when everyone else in the world has rejected us you will be wearing your pants and I will be unshowered!