Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Random Ramblings of a Righteous Rigmogifier

I don't believe in karma but I think the spiders have some special sort of power because ever since I knocked down all their webs in the backyard, I have the itchies.

After being soda-free for a couple of days, I really really love Diet Dr. Pepper

I vacuumed popcorn up the other day and now when I see it sitting in my vacuum canister, it makes me giggle a little bit. If I put regular unpopped kernels in there, would it serve as some sort of an extra dusty popper? And how good is Price Club's return policy if I decided to try it?

On days like today, I am a little too hard on my kids. I am expecting my 3 year old to act like a 29 year old.

I totally made up the word Rigmogifier because I really enjoy alliteration and couldn't think of anything clever.

I can't wait for the Amazing Race to start.

I thought my neighbors were going to knock my door down today when I sat down in the bathroom and my son was yelling for me from the backyard. Yelling things like, "Mommy? Are you home? Mommy? Did you go away?"

Real Simple Magazine came out with a whole line of cleaning materials and now I feel like everything from my mop to my buckets are completely unacceptable and shabby.

I always cry at the end of "Monsters, Inc."

This list is a LOT like Susie's Ten on Tuesday...I didn't mean to be a copycat! Hmmmm, now I have to think of one more thing......

Purchased an 18 pack of Sharpies in all different colors and it is almost all I can think about.


  1. your randomness inspires my randomness, or rather makes my randomnosity seem less randomier. It's randomrific!

  2. Sometimes, I still call Costco Price club. There's not many of us that still do, we're a dying breed...
    We're a lot more like than we are unlike. Perhaps we ought to get together more often and enjoy our likeness?
    P.S. I *heart* 10 on Tuesdays.