Friday, October 13, 2006

Colorado Part Three: In the Beauty of His Holiness

Day Two of driving…..are the kids driving us crazy yet?
Surprisingly, no! We had (cue the music from heaven) in car DVD players. And we also had (add angels with trumpets and extra bright light) The Curious George Movie on DVD!!! It was like driving miles and miles all by ourselves. J

For this leg of the drive we saw a whole LOT of nothing. And a whole lot of nothing. And nothing.
But don’t think we were bored; we had Mr. Trivia leading the way!
That’s right; give Damon a topic, say, clouds.
Mr. Trivia would ask the question, “What is the name of the cloud pattern we are driving under right now.”
Who was fastest on the radio button? Me? Kristen? David with some sort of smart aleck remark?

Besides learning totally random facts, I also learned:

Damon. Knows. Everything.
Seriously, everything.

Right before the rest of us threw ourselves at the feet of Mr. Trivia for even trying to walk around with our heads so empty without knowledge, we turned a corner in the road and entered Utah.
It was overwhelming.

We drove by these deep red dirt mountains. Rocks that were piled high on each other like the hills themselves were trying to touch God. There was even a feel of Dr. Seuss in the hills. I was amazed. I saw the sedimentary layers of the earth cut open by the road we were driving on that dated back to Noah and The Flood. It was like driving by a secret history.

The drive continues and we entered Colorado. It was there that I was humbled. Humbled by the beauty of God’s creation. Damon kept asking, “What do you think?” And I ran out of adjectives.

We were driving down the freeway beside the Colorado River. The trees leading up into the mountains were alive with reds, yellows and greens- it was nothing I had seen before. As we drove through tunnel after tunnel, I taught Nathan how you hold your breath and arms and feet in the air when passing through the tunnels. We drove around each gentle curve of the mountain and felt almost a part of the nature surrounding us. Around one of the curves, we came upon a small town nestled at the foot of the ash tree covered mountains. This was the perfect place to pull over.

When we got out of our cars, I wanted to take a million of pictures, laugh, fall to my knees in worship of the Lord and His Beauty and sing at the top of my lungs all at the same time. Instead I cried. I stood on the side of a mountain, overlooking a sleepy town, with some of my dearest friends around me and cried because I knew my wildest imagination couldn’t create such beauty, such perfection. If we had to turn around right then and go home, I would have been happy. I cried because I felt this moment was only the beginning of many moments to come all throughout the week.


  1. I have driven there. I have seen that. I have cried, too. And passing those mountains I get the same mysterious feeling about the striations: I know the truth! All these people and their "millions of billions of trillions of years" explanations... and I KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!!! I always imagine the flood waters ripping through the earth, violently tossing things, godly chaos. And then the settling of everything back down to the bottom. Layer upon layer. Days. Weeks. The beauty that came from that chaos is overwhelming. Kajillions of years? Please. My God is WAY more powerful than that.

  2. I clicked on your blog from your PW email and was so please to read that you were really moved by the beautiful sites of Colorado. It really is a something, isn't it? I do miss it - it's just too bad my family lives there! :)

  3. I am envious of both of you for having had the pleasure of living there. David and I wouldn't be surprised if we end up in Colorado at one point in our lives.

  4. It was the beauty of His creation that finally brought me to trust Him. If He can make something so beautiful out of nothing, then imagine what He can do in/with our lives if we let Him!!!