Friday, October 20, 2006

A Good Crime Deterrent

When we moved into our house, one of my favorite things about it was how we didn't have to do anything to it. (Much unlike my friend Anglea is doing to her current house.) The walls were painted in colors I liked-mostly. We had new counter tops, new kitchen cabinets and new fixtures all throughout the house. Everything from lighting to new faucets. It was glorious. (And made it so I could forget how much I hate our carpet.)

The two bathrooms upstairs have new toilet paper roll dispensers too. They are the kid with just a post so you can slide the TP roll on and off with great efficiency. It is perfect for the lazy TP Roll changer. The downstairs bathroom has a traditional toilet paper dispenser. The kind where you have to take the middle cylinder out and slide the empty roll off and then the full roll back on and then replace the whole thing without dropping the TP Roll on the floor because that's gross.

Yesterday I figured out why we have two different kinds of toilet paper roll dispensers upstairs and downstairs.

Toilet Paper Theft.

By putting the TP dispensers that require a little extra work in the guest bathroom, now my guests can't grab the roll and run.

So don't even try it.


  1. Does this post mean you have officially run out of things to post about ;)