Sunday, October 08, 2006

Colorado, Part One

Welcome Home to me.

We went to Colorado-Estes Park-with Kristen and Emmy and all our families. So if you do the math, that is 3 Daddies, 3 Mommies, 2 three and a half year olds, 1 two and a half year old, 1 one and a half year old and 1 one year old. All in 3 SUVs. But the great thing? I would do it again in a heart beat. I am so blessed with amazing friends all across the board. These friends especially are great. We all love each other equally, our hubbies love each other, we love each other's spouses....none of that, "If only he wouldn't bring his wife along" you know?

I haven't been on a vacation this size in 5 years when David and I went to Hawaii before kids and even then, we flew and had to pack very little clothes (hee hee, for more than one reason.) It was quite an ordeal getting ready for this vacation but now I am a pro at getting my kids to fall asleep in a hotel room, hacking into the hotel's wireless internet and feeding my children a full meal from the menu at a Texaco Food Mart. (Where is the QuickTrip when I need it Liz!?)

We left Friday Morning from Poway and about 10 minutes into the trip Nate the Great wanted to know if we were at our cabin in Colorado yet. (Poor kid and his warped sense of time: he thinks each day is actually two days when he takes a nap. So if he naps, and, upon waking up in the afternoon, tells you about what he did at school that day, he will tell you that he went to school yesterday, not today. He is living 730 days a year instead of the standard 365.) We tried to explain that it was going to take a few days to get there and we would be staying at 2 hotels (or a “hoe-and-tell” as he says it) before we got there.

We had radios lent to us by our neighbors so the three cars could communicate. That was fun. After many inappropriate discussions and odd trivia from Emmy’s husband Damon, we decided that the radios release any inhibitions you may possess that might prevent you to have such odd, disgusting-yet-hilarious conversations with each other. Regardless, the radios helped the trip move along quickly.

We hit Mesquite, Nevada that evening after a good number of hours on the road. We did a quick inventory:

2 kids
2 parents
45 hairs out of place
10 decibels of hearing loss (actually less than we expected)
192 crevices in the car filled with Cheez It crumbs, papaya snacks and Breakfast Bites
3 Cars full of happy, vacationing families.
1 Hotel Swimming Pool calling our names.

……………………Part 2 to soon follow……………………….

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  1. I don't knw about you, but that sounds like a hecka lotta fun to me! And Cheezits and car crevices belong together :)