Wednesday, January 17, 2007

10 Things I Have Noticed Now That I Am (Suddenly) a Mother to 3 Toddlers

10 Things I Have Noticed Now That I Am (Suddenly) a Mother to 3 Toddlers

I am not late anymore! Instead of being 15 minutes late, like always, I am 30 minutes early for everything! I am so afraid I won't be there on time, I leave myself a ridiculous amount of time to get everywhere.

Where did this mess come from?

1 loaf of bread=1 days worth of food.  Between the breakfast toast eating and the peanut butter sandwiches, I am going through bread like crazy. Oh, and don't forget Nathan the Morning Bread Thief.

Whose cup is this? Why are there 6 milk cups on the table?

When 3 kids are all asking for milk/food/toys/a bath/the park/Daddy/a different TV show at the same time, the sound is similar to the roar of the ocean. I search for peace in that roar. And how do they ask for all those things when there are only 3 of them?

Hang on a sec, I have another load of laundry to do. You know, ANOTHER LOAD.

I think a dog might be a good idea. A sheepdog that can herd the kids where I want them to go. And for recreation, I will strap them in roller-skates and have the dog run....for blocks and blocks.

Remember the solo trip to Target? I had one of those to Costco today and it was woooonderful.

Nothing wrong with a 45 minute bath each night, right?

And finally……………………….

I never knew my heart had this much room in it.

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