Monday, January 22, 2007

The One With the Stink in the Fridge

About 5 days ago, a mysterious and pungent odor came to live in my fridge. What could it BE? It was a day before I was able to give the fridge a good cleaning. I mean, taking shelves out, wiping mustard bottles down, soaking drawers in a baking powder/H2o solution, changing out the Arm and Hammer Fridge Pack...when it was all reassembled, I admired my gleaming white fridge, thought about how I was the most awesome wife this side of the Mississippi and closed the door.

When getting dinner ready, I opened the door only to have the mysterious odor reach out of my fridge and slap me in the face! Then, as I cooked, it followed me around my small kitchen teasing me with it's presence and clinging to my leg like a 2 year old. I don't reward bad behavior with attention so I simply did my best to ignore it. It was all out war when it invaded the chicken I made for dinner that night. That was IT.

I took apart the fridge again, wiped it with antibacterial wipes, dumped all the ice in the ice maker and cleaned the freezer as well.


Each time I opened the fridge, the smell would hide and not appear until the door was swinging closed and then it would jump at me and stick its tongue out. Before I could catch it, it darted back in and I could never find it's source.

When I came home from a meeting last night, David told me, "I found that smell in the fridge."


"Yeah, I figured it was the veggies leftover from Lucy's birthday party. You had a whole Ziploc bag full of broccoli and cauliflower that was, like,  2 weeks old so I threw it out."

I flung the door of the fridge open and took a deeeeeeeeep breath. Nothing. Just the smell of about a million gallons of milk and slight hint of alluminum from my Diet Coke cans. Ahhhhh.

I thanked my Sweet Husband (who had also fed 3 kids dinner, bathed them all, and loaded the dishwasher while I was gone) and opened the door another time to breathe in the clean.

"If you really miss the smell that badly, the bag is still in the trash, just take a whiff from there."

Um, no thanks.

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