Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

10. The yummy thing about the mini Resees Peanut Butter Cups is their perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio. The bad thing is that even when you've eaten 6 of them, you still feel like eating more. (The "more" being all of the ones left in your kids' Easter Baskets.)

9. Why am I downstairs watching "Cars" and everyone is upstairs destroying the boys' room?

8. I cannot get enough of the show "Ace of Cakes" right now. I even have Mary Alice as one of my MySpace friends! You need to watch it. And then think about how YOU could TOTALLY work for Duff and his friends.

7. I think I might be getting sick. I had a chance to get some free ice cream from a friend and I completely forgot to pick it up. FORGOT. To get FREE (FREE!) ICE CREAM.

6. Tomorrow my favorite 10 year old is becoming an 11 year old and I think his mother and I aren't accepting it very well.

5. My blog-a-versary is next month. I should plan the celebration now so my blog can know how much I really do love it. Something that will be the equivalent to dressing the blog up and getting it slightly drunk on wine. Hmmm, a blog a day maybe? What do you think?

4. Man, this movie really does crack me up. I guess I can leave it on. Wait, is "Ace of Cakes" on right now? No. OK, "Cars" it is.

3. I belong to an online photographers forum for local San Diego photo-bugs like myself. I entered their monthly contest with a photo that I plan to enter this year in the Del Mar Fair and I lost by 1 vote. I am super sad about the loss but very happy that I did not stoop so low as to blog about it earlier and talk all of you into voting for me. (But I WILL stoop to publicly patting myself on the back.)

2. My latest blog obsession is this lady right here. Enjoy the Crazy. Enjoy the Purl. Yard Farts!

1. I am pleased to introduce you to the self proclaimed Butterfly King who rightfully gained his throne by grabbing the crown and wings first and running around declaring, "I'm the Butterfly King! I'm the Butterfly King!" (Or, when not interpreted for you, "I duh Buttuh-fi Ting!")

**I had some lovely comments (11 to be exact) left from a spammer so I had to republish the blog. (Are we switching to TypePad yet?) But I did link to the baby picture I referred to in the post. Check it out!**

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