Monday, April 16, 2007

You are the Everlasty God, You Do Not Faint, you Won't Grow Greary

One of David's favorite things to do with Nathan is to sit on the couch and listen to David's iPod. They each get one earbud and Nathan loves listening to "songs about God, Jesus and THE LORD."

Once Nathan is in love with a song, it is all he wants to sing. (Hmm, sounds just like his dad....AND his mom!) So on the way home from church, both kids were in David's truck and they listened to "Everlasting God" by Chris Tomlin about 15 times and when they got home, they wanted to listen to it MORE!

Let me tell you, it is the most delightful thing to hear your children singing God's praises! I snuck the camera onto the counter to capture Nathan singing along with Chris Tomlin and I had to share it with you. His lyrics are a little off but the spirit is right, wouldn't you say?

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