Friday, September 14, 2007

Stalkerazzi Toddler

In the state of Very Pregnant that I am, (actually, am I VERY pregnant yet? Or just pregnant? I mean, I am only 18 weeks), I took a nap yesterday while the kiddos napped.

Actually, I should say that I goofed around on the computer and watched old episodes of My Secret Show and then, around 3:30 as I fell asleep in front of my Bloglines screen, I decided the time was right for Mama to lay down on the couch. This meant that any moment, Young Master N8 the GR8 would wander downstairs from his "nap." (Nap for Nathan = Running around my bedroom doing things like setting up 15 small Toy Story green men on my nightstand facing my side of the bed or building a tower out of our video camera tapes. I find the weirdest things under my pillow when I go to bed at night. But I digress....)

So when my sweetie 4 year old jolts me awake by sitting on my stomach, I begged him to play and let Mommy sleep. He is actually very good at this when I am in the same room with him. He will play and make roads and only occasionally do I have to remind him that I don't want to BE one of his roads.

Today, roads were not the fascination of the day. It was my new cell phone. And more importantly the camera in my new phone. When I awoke, there were over 20 pictures capturing exactly what my son was doing for the 30 or so minutes I was sleeping.

Here are only a few of the highlights....

Click for full sized images...

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  1. This is too funny- aren't camera phones great inventions? That is, until the file box is full of nonsensical items and you can't take or receive any more due to four foot children's captures.