Monday, September 10, 2007

Time Changes Everything (First Day of School Edition)

Stood out on the lawn for the first day of school pictures and we had confidence. We were ALIVE, AWAKE, ALERT and ENTHUSIASTIC! We were ready to take on the day!

On the road to go to school! It finally sinks in (after many conversations earlier this week) that none of our friends from last year are in our class this year.

Walking up to school, we have a frown on our face and won't even smile and return the hug from the pre school director.

After checking out the classroom and ignoring the screaming kid whose mother was forcing him to introduce himself to us, our frowny face is still on. We have also drawn the same frowny face on a paper plate the teacher asked us to decorate. Mom realizes a hasty exit must be made.

We are greeted with a smile at the door and hugged by a sweet sweaty boy who had a GREAT day and LOVES his teacher and his room has the BEST toys and he remembered to use his self-control....but when talking to Daddy on the phone, is sure to make it clear that he still had a very bad day.

I think this picture holds the final verdict on the outcome of the First Day of School

Additional story (free just for reading this blog!)
Sunday, at church, Nathan was very excited to invite Amy to his school today.
"You will LOVE it! Really! You have to come!"
This morning, while sitting in the parking lot waiting for the front doors of school to open, Nathan looks around and says in a very serious tone,
"I don't think Amy came. Look for her car."


  1. Sarah has ONE kid from her class in her class this year- where did they all go? weird.