Thursday, September 20, 2007

Start Saving For the Counseling Now AND Place Your Bets!

From the mouth of The Great:
"Mommy, we should name our baby Loveheart Andrew Ruby Froten Humming.

But not Humming BIRD, because that will make our baby feel like a bird."

(Cause THAT is the only issue our kid would have with a name like that...that he felt like a bird all of his life.)

FIVE DAYS until we find out if we are hatching a boy or girl...a son of Adam or a daughter of Eve...if, in 20+ years, we will be PAYING for the wedding or just showing up.

Now's the time to get your "I-Told-You-So's" in. What are we having?

Currently, Lucy is still insisting that we are having a Baby Girl. No discussion about it. Don't even suggest it otherwise. Or she will yell at you. Or cry. Or both.

Nathan says we are having a boy. But when he talks about the baby he uses words like "she and her." He just now told me he doesn't like baby girls very much (but he does like BabyKake.)

And, for those new to the Zabrosky Birthing Process, we will be picking a name for this baby once we know what we are having. But we do not tell the name. Unless you guess and then I will tell you if you are right. So you can start thinking of ideas now. There is no limited number of guesses.

Finally, so everyone is on a level playing field, we take names for our kids from characters in books we love. But I can't promise that this name will be as easy as the last one was. (Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia? That was SUCH a Gimmie.)

Have at it!


  1. hmmm...
    names from favorite book titles:
    Bethany's:Flossie, Tilley, Gussie, Lizzie, Hildy, Sissie, Katie, Johnny, Mary Francis, Chloe (!), Leah, Luke,

    David: Rush, "W", ??, Dilbert

  2. Hmmm...

    we always decided on a name as soon as we found out, too. Except that we told everyone and we all referred to the baby as that for the remainder of the pregnancy.

    Favorite names. I'll have to think about it.

  3. i told paul on sunday i thought you were having a girl.

  4. Yeah, what is this baby? a boy or a girl?? haven't heard or read anything...