Monday, December 10, 2007

UPDATE! Baby it's....Perfectly Toasty Inside!

Heater is FIXED!
David, after hearing that I blogged about our heater being broken, was insistent on me adding a note that he has been trying to actually FIX the heater for awhile now. I was going to do so tonight but now I don't have to! He is quite talented in the area of fixing things and being generally handy and all he needed was a couple of parts. Well, parts came and now I hear the heater running!

Good News: Kids might sleep in a little more because it won't be 15 degrees in their room in the morning.

Bad News: We have kind of gotten used to the low(er) SDG&E Bill. Oh well.


  1. yay for toasty toes :) Yay David for being so handy!

  2. Applause for David! And double points for fixing it himself!

  3. Good job - sounds like my husband, too funny!

  4. I love you, but seriously... shut up! Someone needs to remind you that you live in SanDiego. LOL!!!

    The high here today was 67 and we opened the house to enjoy the nice warm weather. Come talk to me when it really is 20 degrees outside and you don't have central heating in your house - when your grass is frozen and you could go grocery shopping at night and not bring the groceries in until morning... except that if you did that your milk would literally be a block of ice.

    (Back when I still lived in Phoenix though I would have considered anything in the 60's to be way too cold! It's funny how warm is relative.)

  5. LMAO So your post peaked my curiousity from Angela's blog. I thought I'd take a gander at your own. *still laughing* I'll be adding yours to my favorites!

    If it makes you feel any better, if you lived in Texas, you could of had three days in the 40's with a couple of snow flurries only to zoom up to the low 80's and back into the 60's. I call them mini season cycles. *grin*

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