Monday, December 10, 2007

Silly Thing I Took For Granted When I Wasn't Pregnant #43

#43: Stomach sleeping.

There is a funny family story of my Mom missing sleeping on her stomach when she was pregnant with me and my Dad building her a pillow bed on the couch with a hole left to put her stomach in. He got her all loaded up, she felt good and was ready to take a nap. He left for an extra long 10+ mile run. When Dad reached about mile 2, Mom realized that all of the blood in her body was running down toward her belly that was practically suspended in the air-no pillow supports or anything. The weight of her belly was pulling her down but the rest of the pillows kept her face and legs perfectly straight. And the pillow palace my dad had built was so high up, that to roll off the couch might have meant breaking her neck in the process. (Which, after a long while, she actually considered.)

By the time Dad was home from his run, needless to say he did not return to a well rested and grateful wife. You can imagine the "gratefulness" she expressed to her husband that afternoon.

There are whole chunks of my child delivery experiences with both Nate and Lucy that I don't remember. But I do remember my first night home each time and rolling over to fall asleep on my stomach.

Stomach Sleeping, see you in about 10 weeks.


  1. I have a pregnancy pillow and when I was pregnant with G, I proped myself up on my arms, tucked on either large pillow, and stomach slept until about week 36. I think I had to forego stomach sleeping for the two weeks before he was born because I just got too big. But, pregnancy pillow=stomach sleeping.

  2. I don't have one of those!!!!!!!!
    I have been trying to be kind to my husband who isn't a fan of all the pillows that pregnancy brings to the marriage bed so I have just been dealing with my 1 pillow this time around.

    I am thinking by now that I am entirely too nice and that he can just bite me if he complains. (Wow, where did my pregnancy put all of my compassion?)

  3. that is so funny...I have had great pregnancies but that is the one thing i love about not being pregnant,sleeping on my tummy. I always look forward to about a week after I deliver to sleeping all night on my stomach. So nice.

  4. Ahhh...I remember the first time I realized it felt like I was lying on top of a bowl. I too was SOOOOO happy to be able to sleep on my tummy again, which was a couple of weeks after each c'section. So, I TOTALLY undersand how awful your sleeping must be right now. With that said, I would give anything to feel pregnancy even if just for one more day. :)

  5. Very close to the real story as I remember it...the sensation that a turtle might have when flipped on it's back. It began pleasant..this is a different direction...kind of fun, etc...HELP!!HELP!!HELP!! I can't get up (:
    Don't think there were pregnancy pillows in he 70's . And then the c-section let a few more weeks pass before~ahhhhh~tummy sleep once again.

  6. Thats so funny and yet at the time I doubt it was...
    I am an only stomach sleeper (bad for the back, I know) but I couldn't have done it. I'd have gone mad.

  7. HI! I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks now. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and I really miss tummy sleeping too! One of these days...

  8. Not sleeping on my tummy is one of my cons on my "Come-on-honey-lets-have-another-baby" list.

  9. I always miss my back sleeping. There is a really great pregnancy pillow. I think the address of the shop is Not sure though.