Monday, December 03, 2007

She Who Shall Not Be Named

Since David and I seem to be taking too long to name this baby for the liking of my friends and family, many have chosen their own name for the baby.

My mom named the baby..............Chloe
(with many creative spelling variations including Kloowee)

Sharon named the baby..............Olive

Michelle named the baby well..............Michelle

Kristen named the baby..............Addison (or Addie)

Carol has come up with many variations of blending both the names Carol and Michelle together, one of her favorites is..............Marelle.

Alyssa and Jenelle worked tirelessly coming up with names that blend both their names as well as brother Spencer's and our favorite combination was..............Jencer.
When we told Jenelle that we thought that would make a good name for a dog, she was deeply offended.

And Nicholas has named the baby..............Fred.
He is very serious about that name.
Despite being told that Fred is a boy's name and we are having a girl.
Fred it shall be.

At my (amazing, beautiful, wonderful, blessing filled) baby shower yesterday, I informed all the ladies that we don't want to offend anyone who likes a particular name so the baby shall be named whatever name YOU want her to be. You want to call her "Polly Wolly Doodle All The Day" then you may do exactly that.

Problem solved.


  1. First of all, if you named your beautiful baby girl Troy or any form of the word I would KILL you!! so you are off the hook on that one.

    I have thought long and hard about this one and my final vote and name for your baby from Auntie Troy will be


  2. so cute! It's great to have so much support! (and for the record, there was a tv show a few years ago called "angel" It was a spin off of Buffy. Anyway, they had a girl named Fred and she was charming. And Pushing Daisies has Charlotte, also called "chuck.") I think it's a crossover generation! Pretty soon you will meet a little boy named Molly :)

  3. I still say Ella or Ruby. Those get my vote. :)

  4. OOh, I like Addie, not that-I get a vote, but it's a nice girlie name.

  5. I still think Ella is in the running, Ava is gorgeous, and Macy or Maisie is so you.
    Just thoughts running through my head....

  6. Stef6ie...with a silent six. It's really the perfect name. I mean, you can't argue with a silent six.

  7. given it needs to be a literary name maybe you should go back to one of your choices for Lucy: SUSAN!!

    Some of my favorite characters:
    Anna (Miss Pascal)
    Bridget (Jones)
    Elizabeth (Bennett)

  8. I adore Maisie-please name her that!!!!!!please ...Kristen

  9. Why did Emmy say it was difficult to leave me a comment?

    I DO like Ella. I've always liked Ella. And Emma. Lucy and Emma.

  10. I vote for Persephone. You should definately name her Persephone.

  11. What are you doing?!!! I thought we agreed on Maria-Elena ;^) ?!!

  12. If I had a girl today her name would be Elizabeth and we would call her Ella!! I think it is beautiful. Even though I gave her the name Olive....Ella just goes....

    Ella Zabrosky!! Listen to the harmony!!

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