Saturday, January 19, 2008

You've Lost That Loving Feeling

I borrowed the video of "Top Gun" from my friend Jerry. I created a "jump" on the VHS Tape (remember those, kids?) from watching the volleyball scene over and over and over.
And over.

Because I wasn't allowed to see the movie, my friend bought me the soundtrack to "Cocktail" and I still know every song by heart.

When I found out that stars had addresses where you could send fan mail, I sent a copy of the 4 Spiritual Laws and a request for a "non rated R movie" so that I could actually see a film in the theatre.

My best friend Nicole and I waited with bated breath for "Far and Away" to be released--and once it was, we memorized every line.

I had a literal shrine up in my room so I could stare at my "Days of Thunder" poster as I fell asleep.

Like all overly dreaming romantic young girls, I adored "The Outsiders" but loved it even more because of Steve Randle and his, like, 3 actual lines.

And when we were on vacation and my parents let me stay up late enough to watch the Arsenio Hall Show (woo! woo! woo!) I cried when he came out.
I cried.
My family didn't know what to do with me.

And now, in turn, I don't know what to do with him:

I miss Tom Cruise.

The Fug Girls really put it best in their article for New York Magazine.

Hear us out. Obviously, the world will never embrace Tom Cruise as the same dreamboat from the Top Gun poster tacked above our beds in junior high. That guy didn’t jump on Oprah’s couch, or engage Matt Lauer in a war of words about whose knowledge of psychiatry was more encyclopedic. He was not, at least publicly, the guffawing nutjob we see on this latest Scientology leak. His sweaty, intense proclamations of infatuation with meek little Katie Holmes officially turned our girlhood crush into someone we feared encountering in a dark furniture store (or a shrink’s office). Next time we play MASH, Tom Cruise is so totally off the “husband” list.

I miss Tom Cruise.


  1. Ok, after 7 minutes I couldn't handle it anymore. I kept saying "huh?". I can just hear the song from the "Twilight Zone" playing over and over in my mind! It's to the point that I don't even appreciate anything of his from early years.

  2. Man, he makes me mad!! I LOVED him to death.. and he ruined EVERYTHING.. I am with Eileen...I couldn't even stand to listen. I want Maverick back!!!

  3. Opps, anonymous was me... That was a mistake.. Just like Tom choosing Scientology.

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  5. It was clearly edited to make him sound like a nut. I would like to hear the original thing, questions and all.

    I'm sure he's still sound a little off, but it would probably make much more sense. I can think of a number of ultra intense, right wing, Christian types who, edited the right way, would sound just as wacky as he did.

  6. It was Risky Business for me.

    "Love, Compassion and Tuffness."

    He has really found a firm solution to combating his own mind.

  7. I agree with Michelle. All the editing makes him sound a little wacky. But, edited or not this interview still is sad.

    Even Tom Cruise, this "A" list super star was wooven together by the hands of God and HE is the one that brethed life into him. Tom has no idea who he has been rejecting and Scientology is just another pseudo religion offering empty hope and decieving many.

  8. what the heck was that? i don't really understand a word of it, and frankly don't want too. he's a nutjob, wierdo, freak... . . . .this is ness

  9. Tom Cruise is a wack job. That's all there is to it. Can't stand him and won't pay to see his movies.

  10. it truly is the saddest thing. you know how they say that all of the brilliant people go mad? apparently it applies to the beautiful ones too. He is disgusting now...

  11. Oh, Andy and I were talking about this same thing on our drive home tonight (I saw this on Mindi's blog last week, I think). Poor guy. He's so lost and needs Jesus...Stick to acting Cutie Pie Tom :)